Fear and Chariots of Fire

In my devotions this morning I read about Elisha and the chariots of fire. Long and short of it, the king of a neighboring country has been doing raids into Israel. Elisha tells the king of Israel that the raids are happening and where so the king moves his army and everyone is safe. This ticks off the king of the neighboring country and finds out that Elisha has been doing this. So he sends a huge army after Elisha and surrounds the town that Elisha is in with this huge army. Elisha’s servant is afraid. He tells Elisha that he’s afraid. Elisha prays to God to show the servant what Elisha sees. And God shows the servant that the army surrounding the village is surrounded by an army of chariots of fire. A heavenly army. Wow. So Elisha then prays that God makes the human army blind. God does. And Elisha then, with a lot of fun, convinces this human army that they are lost and leads them into a province of Israel. Elisha then shows mercy on the human army and convinces the king of Israel to throw them a banquet before sending them off on their way.

As I meditate on this passage from this morning, I begin to wonder about my own fears. I have a lot of them. A lot has gone on over the last three years. Not good things. Frustrating things. Things that would make you want to just give up. And at times I’ve felt like it. Oh how I’ve needed to see these chariots of fire surrounding my troubles. But I haven’t. They haven’t been revealed to me. My eyes haven’t been opened to see them. I don’t have an Elisha right now to guide me.

But that shouldn’t have me give up and just walk away. The chariots of fire were there regardless of if the servant saw them or not. Reflecting on this passage, I begin to see that fear hides a lot of things. When you get afraid, you start to think with blinders on. You only see what’s straight ahead and not what is or could be. I’ve been doing that with fear a lot lately. The blinders have been on and I just see what’s ahead the next few steps instead of seeing the chariots of fire. Instead of these chariots of fire I just see the human and earthly things. And I struggle. I get frustrated.

It’s hard to see the chariots of fire sometimes. It really is. But they are there. It’s hard to say “God’s got this” when we don’t fully believe it. It takes a lot of trust and courage to see the chariots of fire. It takes even more trust and courage to then follow God with the chariots of fire being present. This makes me ask for a deeper faith, a stronger faith, a faith that is huge.

And then I think of the words of Jesus. He says that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain to move and it will be moved.

So how big is my faith?

I so want to see the chariots of fire. I so want to see them surrounding my problems. I so want a faith the size of a mustard seed so that I can move mountains. Right now I’d settle for moving rocks.

Fear is a liar. Fear will tell you that you can’t do these things. Fear will tell you that the chariots of fire aren’t there. Fear will tell you that you can’t move mountains. Fear is a liar.

My goal for today is to trust. My goal for today strain as hard as I can to see these chariots of fire surrounding my problems. And then to step forward in trusting God to lead me through all life’s demands.

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1 Response to Fear and Chariots of Fire

  1. Mbennink says:

    Hi Josh, thanks for sharing your heart and your struggle with fear and faith. I wanted you to know that you remain in my prayers every day that God continues to lead you into his will for your service to him. I’d love to get together for coffee or lunch with you to catch up when it works with you.

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