Snow Day

Snow covered street


These two words either strike fear or joy in the hearts of people who hear them. To be honest, I never knew what a snow day was until 1998 when I went college from California to Michigan. It made no sense to close school just because of snow. We never closed school when I was in high school. Seriously, we didn’t. In 1992 we had the Malibu fires and the smoke filled the grounds of the school, you could see smoke all over. Did we close school? Nope. And then we had torrential rains and flooding, cars were floating down the street. School wasn’t closed. In 1994 we had the Northridge earthquake. Did they close school? Nope. They just put caution tape around the cafeteria and called it “cosmetic” damage. Even after multiple aftershocks we still had school. (I think I need to start yelling “get off my lawn”).

So to shut down school and most of everything else for white stuff on the ground made no sense to me. I didn’t even know schools got closed. And then I went to Calvin College who is notorious for not closing for snow. I didn’t even have a snow day until my kids went to school. And then I found out why they closed. Because of the snow and the wind and the cold.

This California boy learned the hard way.

But what do you do during a snow day?

I have no idea. And I still don’t.

I get a lot of “I’m bored.” “What can we do?” “Can we play the Nintendo?” “Can I watch TV” “Can we go outside?” They go outside and ten minutes later they want to come in “It’s cold outside. Can we have hot cocoa?”

Snow days are days off and unexpected days of rest. They’re unexpected days to go back to bed. They’re unexpected days to spend time with your family. They’re unexpected days to have fun–a license to be a kid again and play in the snow.

Now, I understand that not everyone gets a snow day. I understand that people still have to work. People still have to figure out babysitting for their kids and what not. They makes sense.

The thing is we all need a snow day or two in our lives. A day when we can just be. A day when we’re allowed to have some extra time on our hands. We need that extra time on our hands. We get into this thought that if we’re not doing something then we’re wasting time. Or if we’re not doing anything then we’re killing time until we find something else to do.

We need time to rest. We need time to just be and exist. We need time to focus on something other than what we do. Too many times when we get unexpected time on our hands we begin to worry about what needs to be done or what should be done.

Two words of advice about that: Stop it.

Take a moment or two today and just be. Take time today and enjoy some extra time on your hands. And if you have to, schedule extra time on your hands so you can just be. Have a snow day today.

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