A Much Needed Hymn Sing


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For those of you who may not know, a hymn sing is when a church decides to forgo the sermon and instead sing songs, usually the classics, the whole service. Usually there’s Bible readings and a little bit of reflections here and there. But it’s mostly just sining old classic songs called hymns. And I went to one last night.

I am want to brag (a lot) about my working on my Doctor of Ministry degree. Roughly three times a year I come out to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on the north side of Chicago. Here I spend a grueling (but awesome) four days of class at 8 hours a day. It’s a sprint of academia. I call it drinking out of the fire hose of knowledge.

Each time I come down, I’m always a nervous wreck. I tend to have that dream where I somehow forgot to do an assignment. I show up at the wrong time or place, or something just bad will happen. Not sure why, but I think it hearkens back to high school issues. Not just that, but I also fret about doing the pre-course assignments. Each class has a bunch of stuff to read before the class and usually some sort of assignment to do before you arrive. And I get into panic mode about a week or two before the class because I’m never finished on time. Never.

And so, as usual, leaving on a Sunday afternoon, I forget stuff. Worse yet, I went to print off the pre-course assignments and I couldn’t find my flash drive. Anywhere. I was freaking out beyond belief. Not good. Not good at all. Soon I found it, printed stuff off. Went to leave. Realized I forgot my phone. Got it. Then finally left. The whole time feeling like I forgot something else.

As I’ve written a number of times before, I tend to get stuck in traffic when coming down to Chicago from Michigan. Always. So this time I figured I’d play it smart and factor in an extra hour of drive time just in case. There’s construction. There’s the Gary/State Line traffic. There’s the traffic on the 80/294. It’s a mess. Yet there was no construction traffic. And I sailed easily through Gary/State Line area (granted, though the speed limit is 55 I was going 20 over with people passing me like I was standing still). I had over an hour to kill.

So I stopped by my father-in-laws church.

It’s a nice church. A bit traditional but in a good way (a shout out to all the people from there who read this by the way). So I show up tired after a two or so hour car ride wearing blue jeans and a Star Wars T-shirt (What else would I wear). And I come to learn that they were having a hymn sing. I slipped into the back pew and just enjoyed the time.

It was refreshing to say the least.

I needed it. I needed the time to rest. I need the time to sing. I needed the time to eliminate the hurry from my life. It was good to rest and sing. It was a time to just sit back and praise God.

I think at times we all need a hymn sing. Doesn’t have to be the classics. It can be others as well. But we need a time to just sit back and praise God regardless of the circumstances. There are times in our lives where we just need to sing to God. There are times in our lives where we need to take a moment from everyday stuff, everyday things, and sing. It doesn’t have to be on key. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but still sing.

How can you take time today to sing to God?

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