Wisdom with a Mission


Artwork by Josh Benton

Starting this coming Sunday, we’ll be going through the book of James at church, looking at the wisdom found therein. Some good stuff really. As I’ve been meditating on the book of James, I’ve begun to think about the practical wisdom, the wisdom for every day life. As I’ve been reflecting on wisdom, I’ve realized that God’s wisdom is wisdom with a mission.

God really is a god of mission. The term that’s been tossed around lately is “missional” (what it means, I don’t know if people are very sure about it but they use it a whole stinkin’ lot). Wisdom is missional. Wisdom is God’s gift to His people. In fact, when we ask for wisdom from God, he gives it generously (James 1:5). He gives us wisdom so that we can handle the struggles of this life. He gives us wisdom so that we can make the right decisions, good decisions, wise decisions even, about how to respond to the struggles we face.

In fact, James writes that we should count it a joy when we face struggles of many kinds. Struggles produces perseverance and perseverance maturity in the faith (James 1:2-4). Maturity in the faith brings people to want to tell about what the believe and why. Maturity in the faith makes people more wise in how to express their faith to people who might be going through struggles of their own.

And this is where wisdom itself comes in. Wisdom is universal. In the book of Proverbs, it’s with wisdom that God laid the foundations of the earth (Proverbs 8:22-31). Wisdom is something that people who have age plus experience can gain. They gain it because of making sometimes bad choices in the past and sometimes good choices in the past. They have wisdom because of life itself has taught them how to live life.

But the wisdom of God is different. The wisdom of God is supernatural. The wisdom of God leads us to go forth in His wisdom and speak the word of truth, the Gospel message, in His wisdom ways.

The wisdom with a mission begins by seeking God. It begins by respecting Him. It begins by being willing to seek wisdom to begin with. And God gives His supernatural wisdom in abundance when we’re willing to come to Him and ask for it.

Wisdom with a mission works on so many levels. We want to be wise. We want wise people. We want counsel from wise people. We desire to learn from wise people. And when we’re willing to seek God’s supernatural wisdom, we learn what it means to truly live for God in such a way that tells the world who Jesus is.

So seek wisdom. Seek God’s wisdom. God’s wisdom is available to all who seek Him and respect Him and are willing to come to know Him through Jesus. And when His wisdom is given, the Word of Truth is spoken. The Word of Truth of the life in Jesus and how that still applies to today.

Ask for God’s wisdom. And He will give it in abundance. Then be willing to use His wisdom for His mission that the world may know the Truth and be set free in Jesus. That is wisdom with a mission.

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