A Pain in the Neck


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Pain hurts. It’s a pain in the neck. For me literally. I’ve been laid up and on muscle relaxants for the last week or so after being rear ended at 50 mph a week or so ago. Pain is not fun. I’m not going to go into specifics of the accident (don’t want to do any wrong legal things here) but suffice it to say, I hurt. I sit and my neck and upper back hurt. I stand and my lower back hurts. It’s not fun. It’s not what I asked for. It’s not what I wanted.

But it’s what I have.

I’ve been reflecting on this and spending time in prayer. How do you deal with something you didn’t want that now has power over simple actions? How do you handle something that you know you have no control over and yet you can still control how you handle it? These questions have come to mind.

I’ve been reading through a devotional called A Guide for Prayer for all Who Walk with God. It goes through the church calendar and uses the common lectionary. This week’s reading is all on wisdom. The reflections are on how God uses his wisdom and gives it to us freely.

God’s wisdom right now, is what I need. It’s what I want. It’s what I desire. Wisdom itself is simple. God’s wisdom is vast. Regular wisdom is age plus experience. God’s Wisdom was used to lay the foundations of the earth. Regular wisdom is a combination of making bad choices and learning from them. God’s Wisdom begins with the fear (a great deep respect) for God Himself.

Over time, I might gain regular wisdom. It is only through prayer that I can gain God’s Wisdom.

And that’s a pain in the neck. Literally. Bowing my head hurts right now.

I’ve done much praying while on my back or sitting down. Sitting down hurts after a while. When I lay down, I soon fall asleep. Of course, what father wouldn’t want their child to fall asleep in their arms.

The pain hurts. But so does a lack of wisdom. The pain makes me unable to do certain things I want to. A lack of wisdom prevents me for fully living and serving God. Pain gets in the way as does a lack of wisdom.

Pain isn’t foolish though as a lack of wisdom is. Pain is our body’s way of fighting off what is actually going on. Pain is our body’s way of telling us not to do too much more or something worse will happen. When we listen to our pain, we begin to learn about our bodies. When we listen to God, we begin to learn about His Wisdom as well.

I’m not on muscle relaxants right now as I write this. But I am feeling pain. I feel pain of wanting. I desire God’s Wisdom. I desire His leading. I desire His healing. Most of all, I desire Him.

Pain and wisdom are not related but at the same time, I’m learning about wisdom through pain. Wisdom is taught by God, as is patience. When we ask God for Wisdom, He gives it to us and does so in abundance (see James 1:5). He gives it to us by teaching us what we need to know.

Sometimes we are taught things through pain. We are taught patience through pain. And we are taught His Wisdom through pain as well. It is given in abundance but in different ways than we might think. Being in pain, I have had to learn to be still. Having to learn to be still has caused me to try to learn how to listen. In listening, I am learning how much I don’t know. In learning how much I don’t know, I am learning how much more I need God’s Wisdom.

Where do you need God’s Wisdom in pain? Ask, and He will give you His Wisdom in abundance. Just not how you might think it would come to you.

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