The Garbage Will Do

Some have asked me why I haven’t done a Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday for awhile. Okay, no one has actually asked that, but I’ve asked myself that a good couple of times. Part of it is because I’ve been waiting long enough to write about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’d give the warning on spoilers, but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s on iTunes, at your local Walmart or Target or wherever DVDs/Blu Rays are sold. Go get it, watch it, and then come back…I’ll wait.

If you still haven’t done so, then warning, spoilers.

In The Force Awakens, the main characters of Rey and Finn are on the planet Jakku, running away from the First Order (nee The Empire). They have a droid that the First Order wants. The BB droid has a map to find Luke Skywalker. You know, the dude who blew up the first Death Star and helped blow up the second one. He’s gone missing and we don’t know why.

As Rey and Finn are funning, they’re heading to a space ship to escape. Finn points to a ship off camera and says “How about that one.” Rey says quickly “That ships garbage” (quotes are approximate here). Then when a TIE fighter blows up the ship they’re running towards, Rey says “The garbage will do.” And the camera pans and (squeeeeee!!!!) It’s the Millennium Falcon. The Millennium-freakin’-Falcon. The ship flown by Han Solo on the Kessel run in 12 par secs (yes, it’s a unit to measure distance not speed, but still it’s a cool line).

Now, the running gag throughout the Star Wars movies is that the Falcon is a hunk of junk. Yet, as Han himself says, it has it where it counts. And it sure does. Rey and Finn use it to fight off the First Order and escape Jakku. It may be garbage, but it has it where it counts. There’s more to this Corellian Freighter than you can imagine.

Reflecting on that scene, and the dialogue, I wonder sometimes how often do we see something just as a hunk of junk, a thing of garbage, something to be used as a last resort. That there are times where we succumb to things and say with defeat and trepidation “The garbage will do.” How often do we do this with people? With life itself?

One of the important things to me is that in Jesus, we’re not garbage. Now, that’s not saying that we feel like garbage or that others are just like garbage and we guess they’ll do; or that life is garbage and we guess we’ll just make due with it.

Yet in Jesus, God does something amazing with what we think is garbage. God does beautiful things with the things we think are trash. He uses our foibles, our weaknesses, our warts and all for His glory if we let him.

But we have to let Him.

The question then is this: Will we let God use us despite ourselves?

Too often we think that we’re garbage, life’s garbage, things in life are garbage. But God doesn’t see that. He sees the purpose and potential and awesomeness we can do in Jesus if we just let Him work in us by the Holy Spirit.

Now Rey saw the Falcon as garbage. Yet it’s that same thing of garbage that saves their bacon and gets them off Jakku. It’s that garbage that gets them in contact with Han Solo who then becomes their mentor and guide. There’s more to that garbage freighter than they realized.

And there’s more to you than you realize. But will you let God work in you and through you to show you that you aren’t garbage but something awesome? Will you let God be at work in your life to do something great?

You’re not garbage. You are made to do something great. You are made with a purpose. You are made to do something awesome for God in Jesus. Will you let Him use you for that? Or will the garbage just do?

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