Hectic Quietness

From crazedmom.com

From crazedmom.com

It’s quiet in my office right now. All there really is to hear is the clickity clack of my fingers typing on the keys. The AC isn’t on right now so I don’t have that humming. It’s just quiet. Every so often I hear a car pass by on the road outside of church. It must be a pretty loud car/truck for me to hear it fly by. Other than that, just quiet.

And you know what? Bugs the crud outta me.

I’m a social person. If I’m not talking, I’m not breathing. I think I might even talk in my sleep from time to time. I’m constantly have a personal conversation in my head with myself and every so often it slips out into the verbal world of reality half way through and can confuse the snot out of people who are near by. If there’s no one to talk with I talk with myself. Out loud.

I’ve tried to do quiet spiritual retreats in the past. I really have. I once did a three day trip into the woods in South Dakota for personal prayer, Bible study, and sermon planning. Within three hours I was on the phone because I learned I still had god reception out that way.

I went to a monastery back in January for a time of solitude, meditation, prayer, and study. I had almost no cell reception whatsoever. I think I was bugging the monks too much with my chattering.

Long and short–I don’t do silence well.

Yet being still and silent is important when we come before God. And it is something I struggle with.

spiritual training trial 1Back during Lent we did a sermon series on spiritual training in the spiritual disciplines. There were some that I’ve done and I’m cool with. Being silent before God isn’t one of them. It is something I work hard on. As an extrovert (and one with ADD) it is hard for me to sit still and be silent let alone do so before God.

But it’s important to do so. Very. Important.

When we are silent, we are able to listen. When we are silent, we are able to pay attention to God, to His leading, to His directing. We are able to wait for the movement of the Holy Spirit, tuning our ears to His direction in our lives.

Things can get hectic. Really really hectic. And things can get really really hectic really really fast. That’s why in all the hecticnessess of life, we need to have quiet. We need to get rid of the noise around us. How can we listen if we can’t hear?

There are times where the noise is just too much for me too. There are times where I need to just plug my ears and push away the cacophoninating din surrounding me. Then I desire quiet. Even then, though, I can’t handle it for too long.

The quietness needed before God isn’t one where you keep your mouth shut. It’s where you quiet your soul. Still yourself, still your heart, still your mind. Focus on God. Focus on His Spirit moving. Focus on His word speaking. And then listen. Listen. Listen.

Quite is needed. In this hectic world, it’s needed even more. Quiet is needed in order to listen to God moving and directing you.

Take time today to try to be quiet. Take time today to find a place, step aside into solitude, and be quiet before God in prayer. I’ve actually learned that a little bit of quiet before God, listening to him during a hectic day helps the hectic day not be so hectic.

How can you be quiet before God today?

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