The Bleh Factor

There’s been a bug in our house for the last week. And it hasn’t been fun. First my wife came down with it. Then I did. Then our kiddos did. And then we thought it was out of the house for good. And then Sunday morning, right before I was to preach, it hit and it hit hard. The stomach turned, the sweat began to pour, the bones began to ache. I knew I was in for something not fun over the next few hours.

I made it through though.

Had some Ginger Ale. Drank lots of water. Took it easy. I still gave it my all in preaching and in teaching our adult ed after the service. But it took a lot out of me. I came home and slept pretty much from noon to 6. And that was because my wife wanted to make sure I drank fluids. By evening last night I was running a fever. My kiddos were very helpful and kind. My 6 year-old daughter handed me a big bowl and said “If you’re going to hurl, use this.” So sweet of her, just wish she hadn’t of used the word “hurl.” Just the use of that word made me want to act it out.

Getting sick around here’s nothing to sneeze at (pun intended). Back in October, I got so sick that I became dehydrated and wound up in the hospital for a few days with pneumonia.

Sometimes it just feels like ya just can’t catch a break.

So why write all this? Is there some deeper spiritual thing to learn from it all? Is there something to be taken away in better understanding God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit? Is there some place in the Bible that will be pointed to in order to help grow and understand how this applies to the spiritual life?


I just wanted to post something. Maybe get some sympathy or something like that. This is totally self serving in every way.

Though I’m feeling better this morning, I don’t know what the day will hold. So, I’ll rest, take it easy, and drink lots of fluids. Maybe I’ll catch up on Dr. Who…or my DMin reading.

But the most important thing, as my wife oh so lovingly reminded me this morning, is that I get better.

To tell the truth, I’m tired of being cooped up inside. I can’t take it. I’m tired of this cold (negative wind chills and all) and I’m tired of this winter. I can’t wait for Spring and Summer so I can complain about allergies.


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One Response to The Bleh Factor

  1. kangy22 says:

    Oh yuck. I’m sending sympathy as per your request :). I’d send soup, but it would freeze (40 below here). Bring on spring, indeed! Take care and get better soon, Jennifer


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