The Points Don’t Matter

Disney Princesses superheroes

So I cam across this awesome picture to the right due to rewtweet on Twitter. My jaw dropped. Totally awesome. It’s from Cartoon Cookie on Tumblr (you can check out more of their work here). So I did the only reasonable thing and posted it to Facebook. It got a great response, especially from the fan girls I know. What was cool was they were able to name the Disney Princesses and were trying to figure out some of the Marvel heroes (here’s a hit: Ariel is not Rouge or the Phoenix and Anna is not Thor). I had a bit of geek pride that I was able to name all the Marvel characters without having to look them up. But I was a bit unnerved at first because I was also able to name all the Disney princesses without having to look them up (Tinker Belle isn’t on here, but is she officially a Disney princesses? Many have argued that for and against).

After some discussion about who was whom and what not, I stated that I gained points on my geek card but was a bit worried I probably lost points on my man card. You know, the ethereal imaginary cards we carry around to show that we truly are who we say we are by what we say and do. Man card points come when you do “manly” stuff like grill up stake in the middle of a snow storm (done it) or when you change your own oil (tried it once, didn’t go so well) or be willing to stand tall against all odds in a “manly” way (not sure what that means, but it’s points on the man card for sure). The geek card is a bit different. It shows just how geeky you are. There are times where we try to out geek one another on how geeky we can be. And the points build up.

Knowing all the Marvel characters by heart is awesome, but also knowing all the Disney princesses too?

Then an old college friend, Calvin Theater Alumni, and fellow geek pointed out that I just gained massive points on my dad card. She said that it’s awesome that a dad of a 6 year-old daughter would take the time to learn about the Disney princesses. And come to think of it, my daughter enjoys the fact that I’m willing to play princesses with her or My Little Pony with her.

Dad points are good.

I began to reflect on the things and characters I’ve introduced my kiddos to. My son and daughter have had down right roes over which Star Wars movie or show to watch with my son always wanting one with Luke and my daughter wanting one with Ahsoka. I’ve heard reports that when they play superheroes at school my son is usually Spider Man or Thor while my daughter is either White Tiger or Black Widow. When they play at home, my daughter tends to be Black Widow because only mom is allowed to be Gamora. I like being Thor too, but my favorite is Wolverine, and both my kiddos know that.

These garner Dad points.

Dad points are good.

At the end of the day, and probably 50 years from now, my own personal ego about my geek card points and my man card points won’t really amount to a hill of beans. It’s my dad points that will matter. How much time I spent with them. How much time I showed interest in what they were doing. How much I encouraged them to use their imagination, their gifts, their talents. How much time I let them know I loved them in both my words and my actions.

This artistic work above is awesome, geektastically awesome, and the artist does more mashups as well on their Tumblr.

At the same time I know that not just Marvel superheroes will come and go, but so will Disney princesses. One day things will fade, I’ll be old, and I want my kiddos to tell their kids and grandkids of the fact that I spent time to be present in their lives.

So, if it’s been racking your brain to figure out the characters above, check it out here. And then go with what you’ve learned and invest it into the lives of someone else. This is temporary, but we are made for eternity. Use what’s around to invest in the eternity of others.

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