Sniffing in Snow

strawberry in snow

Sorry for it being so grainy. Took it at a zoom because it was too stinking cold to go outside. But there she is, sniffing in the snow.

Every morning, we let our dog, Strawberry, out side to do her thing. She goes out for a little bit and then comes right back to the sliding glass door. On very cold mornings, she does her morning constitutionals very quickly, wanting inside the warm house as fast as she can.

So it was intriguing to me this very cold morning (about 9 degrees with a -7 wind chill) when Strawberry took her time meandering around the back yard. It’s January and everything is covered in snow and colder than cold (hence the temperature mentioned above). Yet she took her time sniffing around. Every so often she would put her muzzle deep in the snow, move it around a bit, perk her head up, shake off the snow and then walk a little bit further and do the same again. I watched her as she sniffed very bush we had. Every so often, with her head in the snow, she’d perk her head up, ears spread out at attention, tail straight up, and then bounce through the snow happy as can be to a new location and then bury her muzzle in the snow once more.

I found it quite odd to say the least.

I’m still trying to figure out what she smelled that I couldn’t.

Now, I know that a dog’s sense of smell is a huge amount better than a humans as is their hearing. So I know she was smelling and hearing things I couldn’t. I know that the smells she was smelling were probably telling her a story of what happened since yesterday. Maybe squirrels running around. Maybe our neighbors dog who had wandered into our yard yesterday afternoon. Maybe a secret underground colony of elves looking at taking over the tri-state area with some sort of inator, I don’t know. But she smelled a story and was following it.

It got me to thinking. What else am I missing out on. What other things are going on right now that I just don’t know about, just don’t get, just don’t understand.

The Bible tells us that there are more things going on in this world that we fully understand or know about. I love the story in 2 Kings where Elisha asks God to unveil the eyes of the servant when they were surrounded by a king’s army to reveal the army surrounded by chariots of fire. Paul speaks about the powers and principalities of the air. There are more things on heaven and on earth that are dreamed up in our own philosophy (that one’s from Hamlet though).

I know that God is at work through the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. I know that He is moving, and guiding, and directing. I know that there are things in this world that I just can’t see, but are happening.

And I wonder what I’m missing. Maybe I don’t want to know. Maybe it’s for the best. And that might be true.

But there’s something out there. Something bigger. Something greater. Something huger. Something.

The thing is, is that I know that God knows what it is. And the other thing is that I know that God is in control. No matter what’s going on, God is moving. God is directing.

Now, this isn’t some cosmic battle of good vs evil being waged with both sides being equally strong. Not in the least. In fact devil has been defeated. Yes, the devil is as Peter describes him in 1 Peter, a lion prowling looking for whom he may devour. At the same time, when Jesus died upon the cross, he defeated sin and death and rescued us from the tyranny of the devil. The devil has been de-toothed and de-clawed. All he can do is scream at you and gum you a bit.

Of course, the devil is also the father of lies. He two greatest lies are that either 1) he doesn’t exist at all or 2) has more power than he really does. That’s all he needs really to attack, to poke, to prod, to lead astray.

Yet God knows what’s going on. He has given us victory through Jesus Christ. The war is won, the battle needs to be fought still, but here’s the kicker, the battle belongs to the Lord.

So, as my dog sniffed through the snow, these thoughts came to my mind. I’m strange. I know. But it is an interesting thought.

There is a story going on all around us that we don’t know about, can’t see, can’t feel, can’t hear, but it’s happening.

The awesome thing about it is that it’s already being fought for us. The war is already won. And with Jesus there is victory. And even more cooler is that we can be part of this story, this bigger story than ourselves.

So, will you join in this story you can’t see right now? Because if you do, one day you will be able to see it. You can walk by faith now, not by what you see but by what you believe, knowing that one day what was unseen will be seen in glory and majesty.

Until then, sniff a bit around in snow, because you might just catch a glimpse or two of what’s going on.

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