Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Five Myths You’ve Been Doing All Wrong

100-listThrough my Facebook news feed I’ve been seeing “suggested posts” of articles or blogs or something called Buzz Feed listing all these different things that are out there. And I’ve been seeing that different people have “liked” some of these articles or shared blogs giving different myths or lists or things we’ve been doing all wrong. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m addicted to these as much as the next person. I’m a huge fan of the website Mental Floss and read it a bit too much sometimes.

As I read through some of these things, I’ve thought about how some of these things are stuff you can find out about on Wikipedia. Some stuff you could find out about in doing minimal research or just turning on the commentary part of the DVD (or Blu-ray). Other things are new to me as I bet are new to you as well.

Then there’s the list of myths. These get me. I read one about 5 myths about modesty. And then another satirizing that blog post and doing their own list (in a sarcastic satirical way of course). I’ve seen lists about myths concerning gender roles and identities or how we are living the wrong way.

So here’s my list of Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Five Myths You’ve Been Doing All Wrong (please keep in mind there is some satire and sarcasm here; there is no satire or sarcasm font available on WordPress):

1. Myth #1–The view point or world view of your particular subculture or group has the actual truth concerning a specific issue, usually a hot button one.

1a.What you didn’t know–No one cares. Yes, we’ll read it. Yes we’ll talk about it. And we’ll even think about it. But in the end, one blog post will not change our view of things.

1b. What you didn’t know–If you took time to get to know someone, talk about what their view is as well, and discuss it rather than just posting it on Facebook, now that is something that might change a person’s mind.

2. Myth #2–You’re way of doing something mundane and every day is so revolutionary that everyone else is doing it all wrong.

2a. What you didn’t know–So what? Many times people push and push that their way is the best way of doing something such as dieting, exercising, moving, slicing cheese. So what? Does it really matter? Will the world explode if we don’t do it your way?

2b. What you didn’t know–I have research that disproves your research. In fact, there’s always going to be different research that disproves other research. We find different teachers that tell us or teach us what we think is  the right thing and we go that direction. Keep an open mind to other research that’s out there.

3. Myth #3–Because I read it on a blog post or on a website I frequent makes the fact true despite lack of data and references to back up said facts.

3a. What you didn’t know–There’s this website called Snopes.com which does a ton of research into a bunch of the stuff that you post frequently on Facebook that tends to debunk what you just posted. They even confirm things that pop up as well.

3b. What you didn’t know–Even if you don’t trust Snopes.com for information, there are other things out there such as newspapers and CNN and MSNBC and FOX News (even if you don’t agree with any of them, they at least are actual news stations) which report on things. And if it truly was as earth shattering as you say it is, then it’d be on one of these sensationalistic seeking news shows.

4. Myth #4–My particular faith group, philosophical group I lean towards, political group, or group that shares the same world view as I do is getting marginalized.

4a. What you didn’t know–You’re actually right. In an attempt to be a pluralistic society, things are changing. We each have a subgroup that we belong to that is being marginalized in order to make room for others to fit into the world and begin a discussion.

4b. What you didn’t know–My particular group doesn’t actually hate your particular group. In fact, a lot of our groups overlap in different ways. Now, in some cases there are morons out there that truly don’t agree and make a bad name for your particular group. The best way to handle this, is to get to know people of different groups, talk, discuss, and see how you can live together off of social media.

5. Myth #5–I know what I’m talking about.

5a. What you didn’t know–I’m a wandering pilgrim on a journey towards home. I write this blog trying to love God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength. I don’t have all the answer. I’m searching like you are. But I do know where to find the answers. I know to whom I belong in life and in death, in body and in soul who comforts me along this journey.

5b. what you didn’t know–I desperately want you to join me as a pilgrim on this journey as well. I want you to know the Truth that I know. I want you to know and live as a follower of Him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I try to model my life after Jesus and I’m going to mess up–a lot. But I know that I have a comfort. I know I have a belonging. I know that I have a final destination where I will be welcomed home. And I’m on my way there and I want you to join me.

So, here’s my list of Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Five Myths You’ve Been Doing All Wrong. A bit satirical, yes, I know. But honestly, I’m traveling this road. I have people traveling with me. Together, we learn from one another what it means to be a pilgrim, what it means to be a follower of Jesus who is the ultimate truth. A list won’t do much. A blog post won’t do much. But building a relationship with someone outside of social media will do amazing things.


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