Pilgrims Walking with Pilgrims

highwayLife is a highway. It’s a journey. It’s a journey we’re on together. Many times we want to take the journey ourselves, do it ourselves, live it ourselves. We get wrapped up in an individualistic, self-interest focused, Lone Ranger mindset. Yet even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

You are not alone.

Today, people are very spiritual. We like spirituality. Even being agnostic and atheistic is a sort of spirituality. As this blog focuses on, we are made of mind, body, and soul. You cannot separate the three. And as life is a highway which bends and turns and sometimes the winds to your back and other times hitting your in the face with bugs splattering on the windshield, so is our journey of faith.

To be honest, we are pilgrims on a journey to a final destination. We are traveling on this highway of life. And we need each other. We need fellow pilgrims to walk with us on this treacherous journey. No one ever said it would be safe. No one ever said it would be easy. It is filled with potholes, switchbacks, and the like. There’s a section in Utah while driving through that has a sign “No services next 100 miles.” And they mean it. You go through twists and turns up into the mountains and back down again. We need fellow pilgrims to go through these times together.

As a pilgrim we have a final destination–the Celestial City. And we have the Word of God as our map.

There are various pilgrims along the way. The thing is, is that there’s a map available to this final destination we are going and a way to get there. Some pilgrims walk around aimlessly, wondering where they are going. Other pilgrims try to go without the map thinking it’s not needed. But, boy howdy, is it needed.

There are some pilgrims that have traveled the road, the highway for a while and know some of the twists and turns. There are some who know how to read the map quiet well and can help keep each other going forward. The key is, is to keep one eye on the map and another eye on the road ahead. We need fellow pilgrims to walk with us along the way. And we need to help other pilgrims wandering to help them join the pilgrim group with the map to join in the journey.

Now, this is way too analogous and probably very apparent what I’m saying here. But to be blunt, as a follower of Jesus, you are a pilgrim. As a follower of Jesus, you are a disciple. And the goal of the disciple is to ask others to be disciples as well. Jesus says that He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). People on a spiritual journey want to know the truth. It is up to disciples of Jesus to introduce people to the ultimate truth, Jesus. Help them come to know Him, know who He is, and come to know Him as the truth.

This is done by walking and doing life with others. Invite them into your life. Invite them into living the truth, living with Jesus. Invite them on the journey and be willing to walk with them through thick and thin, good and bad. It takes investment into the lives of others.

It’s hard work being a pilgrim walking with pilgrims, but as a follower of Jesus, it is part of our calling.

How are you walking with other pilgrims on the way to the final destination of the Celestial City? It’s gonna be messy but so worth it.

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