Slowly but Surely

healthy heartI actually lost weight over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I didn’t think I would. I thought I would have gained but nope. I lost. Okay, so it was just a pound and a half, but still, that’s something. It says a lot about self control. It says a lot about sticking to the plan and counting my points. It says a lot about a lot of things. And it means that I truly am taking it seriously.

I did question why I decided to start a weight loss plan as the holiday season approached. Many people would wait until the new year. To tell the truth, I was feeling down and a bit hard on myself for having to go up a shirt size. I didn’t like it. It made me feel worse and then I ate more. I knew I had to take control. I knew that I needed to do something. And I’ve always succeeded on Weight Watchers.

And so, I continue with it. It makes me feel good about myself that I’m loosing. In loosing a I can gain so much more. I’m down now 6 pounds from when I started. That’s not much by some standards and it’s not where I wanted to be by now, but it’s something. I just got to get my keister moving and do more exercising so I can speed it along better.

I got out of the habit of exercising back in August. I was doing really well by getting up early and walking the dog. And now, now I just get home and do nothing. I’m lucky if I get up early enough to get the  kiddos to school on time. Yeah. I’m that parent right now.

But I want to keep at it. I want to keep going. And I gotta remind myself that this is a marathon not a sprint. This is something that will take time and endurance to do. It will take patience and, well, more patience.

I keep thinking of the verse from 1 Corinthians

I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer striking the air. No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:26-27

I preach that we need to be healthy spiritually. This also means we have to be healthy physically and emotionally. And I’m taking care of two out of the three. I need to take care of all three if I’m to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. How can I teach a healthiness if I’m not living it. Therefore I must live it out in what I do and say.

And so, I take control of myself. I work on self control. I work on taking care of myself. Oddly enough, self control is one of the Fruit of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23). One of the things that shows you belong to Jesus is self control. And so, by the help of God through His Holy Spirit, I will do this.

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

So I do so, slowly but surely. I know I can. I know I can. And I will, by His grace, power, and Spirit, I will.

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