Sweet Hour of Prayer

praying handsI spend a lot of time in prayer. It’s important to me. One of the first things I do in the morning when I get into my office is open up my devotional (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young) and then read through some Scripture. I then take time in prayer. Not an hour, 20 minutes if I’m lucky. It’s not that I don’t know what to pray for or how to pray, but there are times where I know that it’s enough time for prayer at that moment. Later, when  need be, I take a moment and pray. I get in my car at the end of my day and I take a moment to pray.

Prayer is important. It is probably the most important thing in your life to do. And how often do we do it? Not always, not often enough and not fully enough. Now, I’m not trying to scold you. I’m not trying to make you feel guilty. I’m not trying to brag. Prayer is important to me. It’s integral to my ministry. You can’t separate ministry and prayer. You can’t separate life and prayer. Prayer is part and parcel of living.

Prayer centers you. Prayer helps you focus. More than that, prayer helps you stay connected. It helps you stay connect with God, with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit. When we pray, it is a conversation with the God of the universe. It is where we speak and where we listen to Him and be still to hear his voice.

Have you tried that? Have you tried being still and listening for His voice? Have you tried to just listen to Him speak to you? Sometimes people think that prayer is talking to God and if God speaks you must be crazy. That’s not true. In fact, we’re to seek God. To seek His voice. To seek His face. To seek Him. And He tells us we will find Him when we seek Him with all our hearts (Jeremiah 29:13).

So how can you pray? How can you meditate on God’s glory? How can you focus on Him? How can you be still and listen for His voice?

Take time to be still. Practice being still. Practice doing nothing. Practice doing nothing but focusing on God. It takes time. It’s a skill that needs to be developed. We’re so busy. We’re so focused on things that must be done. We focus on things that we feel need to be done. We are hurried and busy. Be still. Take time to be still. Take time to listen. Take time to be with Him. And when we do, we begin to build the habit of being still.

When we build the habit of being still, we learn to be still and pray in all circumstances. It begins with the practice and building the skill. And then as we build the habit, we begin to find ways of being still in the midst of our busyness. When we begin to build the habit of prayer, we begin to find places and ways to pray and be still and listen to God.

Take time. Build the practice. Build the habit of prayer. Find your time of prayer. And when you do, you’ll start to find places and ways of being still. You’ll start to begin to pray without ceasing.

And when you do, it begins to grow on you. It begins to become part of your every day life. It begins to become an integral part of your life. And then, as you build the habit, it becomes inseparable to your life.

But begin small. Begin simply. Begin by finding a place to be still. Begin by meditating on God. Begin by meditating slowly on God’s word. Take time to journal, to write out your prayers. Take time though. Make it a habit. Make it a practice. And you’ll find that once you do, you can’t stop doing it.

Find time to find your sweet hour of prayer. Find a way to make it part of your life. And you’ll see God at work in your life.

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