Living the Now

clockYesterday I tweeted “Living in the now means yesterday’s gone & tomorrow’s yet to come. Find how to live today in the now of God’s love, grace, & will.” This is so true (and not just because I tweeted it.) Too many times we live in the tomorrow or the yesterday. We live in the things that we said or did the day before or we live in the worries of what is yet to come.

When we live in the yesterday we live in what we did. We analyze everything we said and did. We dive deep into our very psyche exploring our id, ego, and super ego (you need an oxford comma there for that one). We dive deep into the what I should’ve said and what I didn’t say and what I might have said. We live in past guilt and shame. We live in the past and don’t experience the present.

When we live in the tomorrow we live in the anxieties of the future. We worry and wonder what will happen next. We worry and fret over what we’ll do next. Can we do it. Will we have enough money. Can we handle it. Will we be able to meet our needs. We wring our hands so much they hurt. And we worry about what the future will hold. My grandma used to call this borrowing trouble.

So what should we do? Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come.

Jesus says in Matthew

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

So what should we do then. If we can’t live in yesterday and tomorrow is too much of a problem to worry about?

Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

We are to live in the now of seeking His kingdom and righteousness. When we live in the now we place our full trust in God, we place our full trust in Jesus. And it can be frightening. We give up control. We give up control to all things. We give up control of our past and our failures and our pain. We give up control to our families and our friends. We give up control of our problems and issues of life. We give up control of our future. What we will do and how we’ll do it. We give up complete control and trust.

What should we do?

In Mark 5, Jesus speaks to a frightened parent who’s child just died. He wanted Jesus to heal his daughter but Jesus didn’t get there in time. He was scared beyond all get out. And then Jesus tells him

Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Mark 5:36

Don’t be afraid about today. Just believe.

I’ve been reading through Sarah Young’s devotional Jesus calling. And her reading for today got me thinking about this even more. Writing from Jesus’ point of view she writes “Live first and foremost in my Presence.” And when we do, we’ll become more aware of our savior in our daily lives. We’ll become more aware of him in times of good and times of bad. In pain and in praise.

When we live the now, we live in His presence. We live in His light. We live knowing that today is here.

Not just that, but we seek to live in His grace, love, and will for today. We live in the today. We live in the now. How can you fit into God’s life, his love, his plan for today, for right now. When you seek Him out for today, for right now, you learn to live in the moment, the moment of his power and glory and grace and love.

How can you live the now right now? How can you live in the moment of his grace and power and love? It’s a tough thing to do. But when you do, you learn a trust in Jesus that goes beyond what words can speak. When you do, you’ll learn more about that peace that passes all understanding and what it truly means to have Christ guard your heart.

Live the now today. Not in the yesterday, not in the tomorrow, but in the today. Tomorrow has enough problems of its own and yesterday is gone. Live the now today.

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