My Arms Still Hurt

weight-lifting-programI haven’t been to a gym since 2011 after I broke my knee. Yes, I’ve worked out at home. And yes I did physical therapy. But there’s something about going to a gym. Not that it’s hallowed ground or anything. But to walk into the musty, sweat filled air, to see people of different body types doing their best to be fit, it inspires me to start working out again.

And so, I did something. I got a free 30 day pass. I couldn’t pass it up. What a deal. I could go to a gym once again for a little while. Maybe even convince myself that I can afford to go to a gym once again. Yeah. I like that idea.

And so I arrived ready to go yesterday. All ready. And was a bit dismayed. No locker rooms for one thing. And some of the machines were out for repair. Well, they were still there just not repaired. And then there was a smith machine. A smith machine is good for doing bench presses but that’s about it. You see, a smith machine is a bar on a roller. And it’s good when doing bench presses. But if you’re doing squats it ain’t all to good. In squats you need to twist the bar a bit, but a smith machine doesn’t twist so your body twists instead. Not so good.

But the rest of the free weights were nice. They were good and solid. So I did my upper body workout. I wanted to start in slowly. I wanted to just dip back into it. And I think I pushed a bit too hard. And now my arms hurt. My triceps are tight, my biceps are too. And my muscles just at the shoulders, right near the pecs are twitching from time to time a day later.

A good workout none the less but still, the pain the next day isn’t so much fun. I couldn’t bring my hands to my head to pray this morning it pained as it did. But I did it. I started up once again. I did it.

But what of it? So what? It’s what I’m supposed to do anyway, right? And I’ve been so out of it for the last few months that I’ve been out of the habit of working out. In short, I haven’t been disciplined in doing what needs to be done for my health.

That’s a lot like the spiritual disciplines. We don’t always do what we need to do for our spiritual health. We don’t do what we need to do to get ourselves healthy spiritually. We don’t spend time in the word of God. We don’t take time in prayer. We’re busy. That’s been my excuse for not exercising. I’ve been busy. I have a lot going on. But yet I have time for other things. Why? because they’re important to me.

The thing about the spiritual disciplines is that we need to make them a priority. Just like keeping healthy for me needs to be a priority, so does keeping up with the spiritual disciplines.

How can you take time to read God’s word; to hide it in your heart? How can you take time to come before God in a brief time of prayer. It doesn’t have to be hours. It doesn’t have to be that long, but long enough to come and speak to the almighty and to listen to him speak to you. How can you be still and know that he is God?

So I’m going to take these next free 30 days and try to exercise. Try to be healthy. Take these next 30 days and try to dive into God’s word, work on the spiritual disciplines. Work on getting to know God more.

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