So…we got a dog

StrawberrySo…we got a dog. It wasn’t like I researched breeds that were the best for children. It isn’t like I contacted various breeders. Or priced how much a dog would cost. I didn’t go from shelter to shelter looking for the perfect dog. It was more of an impulse kinda maybe quasi planned maybe not type of thing.

 We had gone shopping at Lowes, pricing lawnmowers and ceiling fans. We told the kiddos that if they were good, then they could go to Pet Smart and look at the birds and the fish. A good deal. They behaved and didn’t act up. So we went to Petsmart. Big mistake. They saw the birds. They saw the fish. And then they saw the cats. The cute, fluffy cats and kittens up for adoption. They wanted one. I said no. I’m not a cat person. I’ve had them in the past and don’t want them in the future. And then I noticed they would be having dogs up for adoption at noon. It was almost 11:30. Dare I? Maybe I? Oh boy, I was in trouble.

 And so, around noon we showed up. It was packed. And there weren’t many dogs. And I had to fill out an application and have an interview. I just wanted to look at the dogs and maybe get an idea of what type of dogs are out there for kids. A dog that is patient and a bit older. A dog able to handle two rambunctious kiddos. And then we were introduced to Berie. Originally Bear but she’s a she not a he. Apparently she had puppies some time ago. We’re not sure where exactly she came from. They didn’t tell us that. But she was patient. Kind. Gentle. She was 4 years old. And she handled the two very excited pleading kiddos quiet well.

 And then I did it. I signed the forms, paid the money, and adopted her. My 4 ½ year old daughter changed Berie’s name to Strawberry (her full name is Strawberry Shortcake). And now, we are in charge of a Husky/Rottweiler mix dog. A beautiful dog. A patient dog. A dog who pulls hard on the leash when going for a walk. But now our dog.

 God has entrusted this animal to our care. In fact, he has entrusted all of creation to our care. He has entrusted all that is out there into the care of us humans. We are to take care of the earth and the animals, all that walks along this earth.

 And I take this call very seriously. I try to recycle. I try to respect all animals and living creatures—most importantly human beings who are made in the image of God. I apologize to spiders and ants before I smoosh them (their only crime was being inside our house). I even feel bad for swatting a mosquito. I could never go hunting because I couldn’t dare kill an animal myself (though I don’t mind when someone else does it because that is where they are gifted in. Not just that, but they do taste so good).

 And now, I have Strawberry under my care. Entrusted to me to take care of, to watch over, to make sure she’s doing well. A big responsibility. A responsibility I want to impart to my kiddos as well. To teach them how important all creation is. To teach them how important it is to watch over God’s creatures, to take care of God’s earth and most importantly to take care of Strawberry.

 Now, God helping me, I will do this. Not sure what I’m in for, but I know that it’s up to me and the rest of the family now to do it. Prayers please.

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One Response to So…we got a dog

  1. Melanie says:

    So…start my morning in tears. You put into words what has always been in my heart. Strawberry shortcake is fortune to have such a loving, committed new family. I’m proud of you and happy for you. Bless you all.

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