Darth Vader and Predestination

Darth_VaderOkay, I will admit, Darth Vader is one galactic cosmic jerk. Now, don’t get me wrong, Aakin was a sweet boy who had mother issues. He was a hot headed teen who was energetic and ready to do what was right. But in the end, he became filled with fear and let his fear take control of him. His fear led to anger and his anger led to the dark side.

From the very beginning, Qui-Gon Jin believed that he would bring order to the force. That he wold bring the balance that was needed to the force. He believed that Anakin was the chosen one.

Now, rewind centuries earlier. I recently read the Darth Bane trilogy. Now, I know that the expanded universe books aren’t canonical, but the books shed light to why there is need for the balance of the force. Darth Bane instituted the Sith rule of two. One master to control the power and one apprentice to crave it. Eventually the apprentice would destroy the master, take control of the Sith dynasty and find a new apprentice. Darth Bane stated that it would take centuries, but one day, a Sith Lord would destroy the Jedi and take over the Galactic Republic.

There was an imbalance to the force for centuries. And those like Mace Windu knew this and understood this. And he knew that there was someone who would bring balance to the force. Was Anakin Sywalker the one?

Now, Anakin became the apprentice to the dark Lord of the Sith. The Chancelor then turned Emperor was in truth (*spoiler alert*) the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Siddious. He did what Darth Bane said would happen. And there became a complete imbalance to the force. The Dark Side of the force won out.

And so, Anakin, who was to be the savior of the force, became a tool in its destruction and imbalance. So what happened to him fulfilling his destiny? What happened to him doing what he was supposed to do?

This is where the whole thing about predestination comes in. Are we automatons set in motion to do something and have no choice or are we people with free will who can make our own decisions about things? This is an age old question. And to tell the truth, ink has been shed on it so much that I can’t fully go into it here in a blog that usually runs 700 words.

But in short, many people think that predestination means that we’re automatons set in motion to do things and have no free will. It’s set in the cards and we can’t escape it. And so they don’t like it. And I understand that view point. But that’s not predestination at all and Darth Vader proves that.

Anakin was the chosen one. He had one job–bring balance to the force. Destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force. Destroy the dark side. And he does. In the end of Return of the Jedi (*spoiler alert*) he destroys Darth Siddious, the Dark Lord of the Sith. He does what he is supposed to do.

What hapI love you sith muchpened is this: He knew what he was supposed to do. Events worked out that he knew he had only one option and that was to do what he was supposed to do. It became clear what he had to do and he did it.

When we look at following God, in following His path and purpose for us, He works in our lives. By the power of the Holy Spirit, He moves in our lives to show us the direction we ought to go. Anakin had free will. And he chose poorly at first and became that galactic jerk. In the end, though, he choose with his own free will to do what was necessary to bring balance to the force.

God works in our lives. The Holy Spirit isn’t the force. The force is impersonal. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is. He is personal. And he moves in our lives that we become to see that God’s decision is the only one. Now we have the option to become galactic jerks our selves. We have the choice to ignore it. But God uses even these poor decisions to fulfill his plan and purpose in our lives.

Think about it, if Anakin hadn’t made the wrong choice, he wouldn’t have been in the right position to bring balance to the force.

God uses all that we have, He uses our good decisions and bad decisions to help us see His will and purpose in our lives. He uses what we do and how we do it for His glory.

How can you learn about God’s direction and plan for you in your life? How can you connect with Him? First come to Him in prayer, seek Him in His word. And see how you can follow His directions. And he will use you for His glory, warts and all.

Just don’t let the dark side take over. Don’t let fear take over. Fear leads to anger and anger leads to not following God. It leads to not listening to Him. Don’t let fear take over. Instead follow him and be courageous and step forward in trusting him. Choose today to follow him. You have that option.

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