Making a House a Home

HouseWe’ve moved. We recently moved from South Dakota to here in west Michigan. I grew up in California and lived in west Michigan for 6 years before leaving this place. And now, almost ten years later, we’re back in the area again. And we’ve moved into a house.

Now, I’ve lived in apartments for most my life. I lived in apartments while in seminary and in college. I lived in apartments through high school. I lived in a house while out in Corsica. I lived in a wonderful 4 bedroom ranch. And we made that place our home.

What’s the difference between a house and a home then? One is a building, the other place is where you live. And now, once again, we have to turn a house into a home. Each place I’ve ever lived has always been a home but not always a house. Each place I’ve lived in had to be broken in, had to be made into a home.

And so, we’re working on that now. We’ve hung the pictures on the wall. We’ve set up the furniture the way we like it. We’ve found homes for all my mugs and know where the silverware goes. We’ve figured out where to put the food and how things fit into the fridge. And it is slowly becoming a home. But it takes time.

And now I’m going to get all spiritual. (This is Spiritual Muschlehead by the way) We ourselves need to become homes. We need to become homes for the Holy Spirit. We need to become homes for God.

How do we become homes for God? It begins by inviting Jesus into your heart. It begins with Jesus living in you. It begins by the Holy Spirit moving in you. It begins with God being part of your life. And then you house, your body, becomes a home. Now this might sound weird. And to tell the truth for those on the outside it can. But it’s true.

You can become a home for Jesus. You can become a temple of the Holy Spirit. When you ask Jesus into your heart you become a temple. A temple of the Holy Spirit. Awesome and freaky. Weird and totally amazing. All at the same time.

There’s something in us that wants to become spiritual. There’s something in us that wants to connect to something greater than ourselves. And it begins by making your house a home for Jesus, for the Holy Spirit.

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