Laser Guided Ninja Monkeys

ninja-monkeyWe need more laser guided ninja monkeys. Why do you ask? Because they are well trained, laser focused and are, well, monkeys. And monkeys are cool. Think about it. Training to be a ninja takes a lot of work. And to be laser focused takes a lot of control. And monkeys are just, well, they’re monkeys and they aren’t always in control. So to have a laser guided ninja monkey means that you have something that is generally out of control in complete control of itself. Wouldn’t that be downright awesome?

Now, of course, we won’t have laser guided ninja monkeys in the near future, but we can learn something from the idea of having laser guided ninja monkeys. I like to call it discipline. Self discipline. And since this is Spiritual Musclehead, I like to think of it as spiritual self discipline. And this can be hard. Self discipline is hard in itself. I’ve been struggling with it for the last little while when it comes to weight and health. I’m getting better, kinda, but still, it’s hard work. Self discipline means getting into the habit of something. And habits are hard to get into and easy to get out of.

So what about spiritual self discipline? This is even harder. Many of us like to be spiritual. I mean, people get tattoos of Chinese words that means spiritual things. People like to think of themselves as spiritual. But there’s more to it than just that. There’s more to it than just being all spiritual. You need to have discipline in your spirituality. And to have discipline, you need focus. You need a laser like focus.

Ahhh… so here’s where it’s like the laser guided ninja monkeys. You need laser like focus when it comes to spiritual disciplines. If you’re spiritual, what are you focusing on? To be truly spiritual, you need to focus on God through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Dude. That’s kinda mean right? Nope. It’s focused. It’s true spirituality focused on one thing. The triune God. Focused on God. And the only way we can be focused on God is through Jesus. And the only way we can be focused on Jesus is if we trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. You want to be spiritual, then allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life to help you know Jesus which helps you focus on God. This gives you the laser like focus.

And then you need the discipline. The discipline to become a spiritual ninja almost. Okay, I don’t think anyone can really reach the level as spiritual ninja. I’ve been watching American Ninja on G4 and NBC and so far no one can really finish the final obstacle course to be an American Ninja. And the only way to be a true Spiritual Ninja is when you come and see Jesus face to face when you finish your training. And that won’t happen until Jesus comes again in Glory. So, it takes a lot of training, time and patience.

But that’s the thing, we need to work on it. And to tell the truth, we’re a lot like monkeys. We’re uncooth. We’re smelly. We’re hard to train and some throw stuff around and are just mean. But monkeys can be trained. They can be taught. And so can we. And we can be trained, we can take the time to learn. This is called discipline. And self spiritual discipline is hard when you’re like a monkey. Scripture doesn’t say “We’re all like monkeys have gone astray.” It says “We’re all like sheep and have gone astray.” But you get the idea. Just like sheep, monkeys aren’t always the brightest but they can be changed. They can be trained. And they can learn discipline.

And so can we. And so should we. When we learn spiritual discipline we come closer and closer to become spiritual ninjas. We become closer and closer to God through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

So, you want to be spiritual. Come and know Jesus. He’s the most spiritual person there is. And when you know him, you learn, by the power of the Holy Spirit, what it means to be truly spiritual.

So, how can you be spiritually focused? How can you learn what it means to be truly spiritual. Work on being a spiritual ninja.

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