Playing Hookey

fishingOkay, so technically it was my day off. But because I took it on a Tuesday rather than a Monday it made it feel like I was playing hookey from work. Now, going fishing is like playing hookey. It’s not work. Technically all I did was sit in a chair and shoot the breeze with a friend of mine as we watched the poles sit in front of us. Yes, we caught some fish (two walleye, two catfish and something ugly called a gar). But that’s not always the point of fishing. It’s not the point at all.

Now for some, they’d say that that’s the whole point of fishing, to catch fish. And yes, for the most part I’d agree with them. But even if I came home without one bite let alone a catch, I’d still have called it a good day.


Because it was a day of rest. A day of rest that I needed. It was just a few hours, but a needed few hours. Too many times we don’t get rest. And when we think we’re getting rest, we aren’t actually getting rest. If you think you’re getting rest and you’re bored, then you’re not really getting rest. You’re just not working.

Too many times we think that if we’re not working, then something’s wrong with us. We think we’re lazy. We think we’re not doing something right. We think that we need to be active. And then we sit down and become bored. Why? Because we’re so used to doing something.

Don’t just stand around doing something, sit and do nothing. It’s harder than you think. It takes time and training, and patience, to sit and do nothing. And yet when you get into the groove, you see how much more your work you do becomes more productive and even better.

My grandmother taught me two things when I worked at their store back in jr high and high school. The first is that if you have time to lean, you have time to clean. The second is this, once you’re down for the day, let it be. Don’t go back to it. In other words, find time to rest. Find time.

Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Take time to be still. Even if you have nothing going on, take time to be still. Take time to just breathe. Take time to just be and exist. You’ll be amazed at what happens. Take time to know that God is in charge and that you can rest in him.

God worked. And he still works. Yet he instituted a time of rest for his people. A time of trusting in him.

Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest.” Hebrews 4:11

Enter into rest. Entering into rest means trusting in God. Trusting that things will be okay. If you didn’t exist for 10 minutes, life would still continue. Life would still go on. Take time to just rest and be. Know that all will be okay. The work will still be there but you’ll be rested and refreshed and ready to tackle it once again. But rest first. Take time and be still, knowing that God is in control, not you. And rest.

Find that rest today and enjoy him who created rest for us.

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