Getting out of the Boat

boat in a stormI’m meditating right now for Sunday morning on Peter walking on the water. I relate a lot to Peter. Being ADD myself, I really think Peter’s one of the first documented cases of ADD. He’s always doing something rash. He speaks out of turn when he doesn’t know what to say. He springs into action when he needs to be still. He brought a knife to a gun fight once and then he chopped a dude’s ear off.

But when he walks on water, that’s something else. I still think it’s an ADD moment. But there’s more to it than that. He gets out of the boat. But before he does, he calls out to Jesus.

The disciples are in the middle of a storm. They are pushing against the wind and the waves and they see Jesus walking on the water. Peter asks Jesus if it’s him to call him to come. And Jesus does. And then Peter walks on the water.

Yet when he sees the waves and feels the wind he begins to sink. Why? Reality hit. He was walking on fracking water. What in the world was he thinking. He can’t do this. He can’t walk on the water. And he begins to sink.

Yet even in his sinking, he calls out to Jesus. He calls out to him and what does Jesus do? He let’s him sink…no…wait, that’s not how it goes. He pulls him up. He asks why he doubted.

I do have this to say about Peter, he was pretty ballsy for getting out of the boat. Too many times we don’t get out of the boat. We’d rather weather the storm out in the safety of the boat. Even though we’re in trouble. Even though we’re battling head winds, we’d rather stay where it’s safe.

Jesus ain’t safe. He’s amazing. He’s different. He’ll save you. But he’s not safe. What Peter did many people would say wasn’t safe. It was scary. It was risky. And it wasn’t safe. But he got out of the boat. In the middle of the storm, he got out of the one thing that was keeping him afloat and he was willing to follow Jesus.

That gets me to thinking: How many times am I willing to get out of the boat. How many times am I willing to get out of what I’m comfortable with, even if I’m in the middle of a storm in my life and actually try to trust in Jesus.

So, I gotta get out of the boat. I gotta try to at least walk on the water. And I know I’m going to fail. I know that I’m going to falter. What I find interesting is that when Jesus asks Peter “Why did you doubt?” He is asking him, “why did you split your attention?” Literally Jesus is saying, “Why did you divide yourself?” We do that. We divide ourselves. We divide how we do things. We want to trust. We want to follow. Yet when the time comes, we divide ourselves. We split our attention. And that’s when we begin to sink. And I know the time will come when I will sink.

And that’s the great thing about it all. Jesus is right there to save us. He’s not safe but he does save. He’s dangerous. Just getting out of the boat is dangerous in following Jesus. And yet he’ll be there for you no matter what. He’ll grab you and haul you up. And when he does, you know you’ll be all okay.

But you need to get out of the boat first. Don’t let fear get in the way. Be courageous. Be strong. Know that Jesus is there. Keep your eyes upon him and don’t split your attention.

What are you going through right now? Get out of the boat. Get out and walk and keep your eyes on Jesus.

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