A Justifiable Cracked Pot

Cracked PotsI’m not okay. I’m not right in the head. And neither are you. And you know what? That’s okay. We’re all messed up one way or another. We’re all what I like to call a cracked pot. We’re all a bit off balance and a bit off kilter. It’s part of who we are as human beings. Show me one perfect person and I’ll show you Jesus and we’ll compare notes.

And as I meditate this morning on my coming message for Sunday, I wonder about being a justifiable cracked pot. What do I mean by that? There’s a big theological word out there called “Justification.” A simple Sunday school answer for what justification means is “just as if I never sinned.” Simple enough, right? Well basically yeah.

Being the word nerd that I am, I also like to look at Microsoft Word for helping with understanding that big theological word. To justify is to make right. Back in the day when there were these things called typewriters, you had to justify the text in order to write a paper. You had to measure an inch or so down and and inch or so across and then write your blasted paper. You had to measure just how much room was needed for footnotes, etc. And it was a pain to justify the text.

And then Microsoft Word came out. And it does something interesting. It automatically justifies the text for you. It automatically makes it right.

That’s what I mean about justification. We’re all cracked pots. But through Jesus, we’re all made right before God. The cracked pots that we are, we’re made right. We’re made perfect before God. Amazing idn’t it?

How does this happen though? How are we made right?

As I meditate on my text for Sunday’s message, I think about Galatians 2:19

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

Okay, I’ve probably already lost some of you. Crucified with Christ? Ouch. What does that mean. Well, we have to see it in light of the resurrection. Just as Jesus died, we die with him. We die to our old selves. Our old way of doing things. And just as Jesus was raised again on that first Easter morning, so we are raised daily. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus lives in our hearts. And again, I’ve might have lost someone. Sorry. It’s kinda hard to explain sometimes if you don’t know the lingo. Maybe that’s for another post, translating Christianese.

But what this all boils down to is this: We’re made right and we’re made like Jesus. The cracked pots that we are, we’re made into being like Jesus. And this is the start. The start to something big. The start to something amazing. And it starts when we allow ourselves to be Crucified with Christ. It’s when we allow ourselves to die. To end the old ways of doing things that aren’t really workin in the first place.

You’re struggling right now with worrying about the future. How the universe is against you. You’re struggling right now with trying to do things on your own. How’s the working for you? Not well I bet. Die to it. Let it go. Let it be in the past. Now, I’m not promising with Jesus everything’s going to be rosey. It might get worse. But you also know that even though you’re a cracked pot, you’re a justifiable, justified cracked pot.

How can you live as being a justifiable cracked pot? How can you live today knowing that all things are going to be okay in the end. Things might be tough right now, but in the end, things will work out just fine. Because you are made right with God. Again, I’m using some insider language, and I’m sorry for any confusion. I love this stuff and geek out about it.

Come, know you’re a cracked pot. Know that you’re not okay and that’s okay. Know that you can be made perfect through Jesus by God. Come, know this and live this. And being a cracked pot might become something enjoyable.

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