Focusing on fire


I’m not in the Black Hills. That’s where I was supposed to be today. The weather had other ideas. I wanted to go away on a short spiritual retreat. Maybe take time to read and plan for sermons. And then the winter storm warnings started coming in. Snow. And lots of it. So not cool.

And so now I’m sitting in front of a campfire in the Palisades. Blogging from my phone. Excuse the typos and bad spellings please. Big thumbs; little keyboard.

I spent a lot of time in prayer today. I’ve spent time focusing on God. And you know what? That’s hard work. It’s harder than you would think. I came with this idea to just focus on God. Study His word and meditate and pray. I didn’t realize just how much focus that takes. It’s like a lot.

God focuses on us and wants us to focus on Him. It takes energy to focus. It takes effort to focus. And being ADD already, focusing is hard as it is. Yet God does it to us and asks us to focus on Him.

As I watch the flames on the camp fire I look at the wood being consumed by the flames. You really have to pay attention to see that the wood is burning. And then my mind goes to Moses and the burning bush. It was burning but not being consumed. Moses really had to pay attention and focus to notice it wasn’t burning up. And God called him from the burning bush.

When we focus on God we can hear Him. When we focus on Him we can follow Him. And it ain’t easy either. Nope. It takes time and energy to do so.

So take time today to focus on Him, seeking Him. And when you seek Him you will be found by Him.

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