The hands of the potter

potterI’ve been meditating since Tuesday on God being the potter and we the clay. I’m trying to get ready for Sunday. Have you ever thought of it like that–God is the potter and we the clay.

One of the verses I’m using for this Sunday is

O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

That makes you sit back and wonder. We are the work of his hands. He is working in us like a potter works on clay. He is working in us to shape us and to mold us into who he wants us to be.

Now, right away, I can get cynical and think that this can mean that God is some malicious dictator God who takes complete control over his people. No. That’s not the image here. The word for work is  מְלָאכָה (melecha. okay, so I got all Hebrew on you, hold on, I have a reason). It means to focus one’s attention on, to focus one’s energy onto something. Think about that. God is focusing his energy onto you.

In the book of Jeremiah (another one of my passages for Sunday), the prophet Jeremiah goes to the house of a potter and watches him shape a clay pot. As the clay is marred, the potter begins to reform it and work on it some more. Again, that word for work is being used here. The potter is focusing his attention onto the clay he is forming and working on. There is an artistic flair to these passages. Pottery is an art form. And we are the work of the potter. We are the focus of the God of the universe who is working in our lives, forming us.

So, what are we being formed into is the next question. That’s the thing. We are being formed into something. We are being formed to be like Jesus. That is our aim. That is our goal–to be like Jesus. And God is forming us to be like him.

Now here’s the thing, in order to be formed you need to be marred, you need to be shaped, you need to be molded. That means pressure, that means ups and downs. That means trials. That means temptations. That means trespasses. That means you need to stay in constant prayer to be in connection to the master potter in order to make it through all of these things.

In order for the pot to be formed, it must be shaped. And we must allow God to shape us. If we resist, then we are just lumps of clay. Now, become the beautiful pottery you were created to be like. Become the beautiful piece of artwork God is working in you to become.

Acknowledge that God is the master potter, the master artist. Acknowledge that you are clay ready to be formed to be like Jesus in every way.

This is part of faith. This is part of following God, letting him shape you into who he wants you to be–like Jesus.

Allow him to shape you. Have faith that through it all, through trials, temptations, trespasses, God is shaping you into who he wants you to be.

The master potter is at work in your life, will you let him work or will you be a lump of clay instead? Let the potter work in your life. Let him shape you into being like Jesus in every way.

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