The flowered cross

For the last few yflowered cross 3.31.13ears, we’ve been doing the flowering of the cross at church. The cross, once a symbol of death is now a symbol of new life in Jesus Christ. Death has been defeated. It can harm us no more. Yes we will all die. But death itself isn’t the final end. It is as if we are sleeping and will rise again anew. All because of the empty cross and Jesus’ death and resurrection.

I wonder about living resurrected. Today is a new day. Each day is a new day. The resurrection is more than just doing Easter morning. The resurrection benefits us and comforts us. The resurrection helps us live each day in hope. In a new hope.

As I look at living resurrected, I wonder about how I live it out. How I truly completely live it out each day. I don’t think I do each day as I ought. Each day we are to live in the presence of God. Each day we are to live in the presence of Jesus. Jesus didn’t just disappear after he was resurrected. He walked amongst his people. He talked with them. He ate with them. In fact, he had a fish fry with his disciples shortly after he rose resurrected victorious from the grave.

Jesus is with us now. And he is able to be present with us by his Spirit–the Holy Spirit. On the day of Pentecost he gave his Spirit to us to always be with us. If it wasn’t for the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, we’d never have the benefits of the resurrection in our lives.

We live each day living in the hope of the resurrection. We live each day in the knowledge of the resurrection. How does the resurrection benefit us? Oh, in so many ways.

The pains of this world are just temporary. We know that there is something greater and better.

We share in the resurrection of Jesus. We share in his death and we share in his resurrection. As it is for him, so it is for us.

We have the benefits of the resurrection today. Live out each day as if it is Easter Sunday. Live out each day celebrating the resurrection. Know that it is for you personally. It isn’t some obscure thing that happened centuries ago. It is something real and there for us today.

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