Holy Week–Tuesday

What is Tuesday really? People don’t like Mondays (though I never really understood why). People look forward to Wednesday because it signals the middle of the week. And Thursday is the day before Friday and Friday is, well Friday. People then work for the weekend. But Tuesdays? All it has going for it is that kids eat free at Pizza Ranch on Tuesdays. Nothing to really be all that excited about (unless your a kid in South Dakota under 8).

Yet Tuesday is important. As I’ve been meditating on our Savior’s journey to the cross, I have wondered what he did on Tuesday. In Mark, it’s all lumped into one day, I’d guess Monday. It seems to skip Tuesday (and even Wednesday) and goes straight to Thursday. But what of Tuesday.

Tuesday is generally just a day. All days are to be holy unto God. Each day is a gift from Him. And this Tuesday during Holy Week is not different from all the other Tuesdays ever created or will be experienced in the future. But there’s something about Tuesday that strikes me.

It is a day in which we’re here. We’re present. We’re alive. It isn’t Monday which people dread. It isn’t Wednesday, the middle of the week. It isn’t Friday, the gateway to the weekend. It is instead a day to exist. To be.

Experience Jesus today. Be present with him and he will be present with you. Take time today to reflect on him. To reflect on his love. To reflect on what he did for you. Take time to exist with him today, on this Tuesday.

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