Lenten Disciplines

Giving upRecently an old seminary classmate posted on Facebook that he is not going to give something up for Lent but instead take on something. That something is discipline. Both spiritual and physical discipline. Discipline in studying God’s Word, discipline in being healthy both physically and spiritually.

And this gets me to thinkin’…it really does.

A little while back, I posted on being spiritually disciplined. That we are to work on the spiritual disciplines in being healthy spiritually. This got me going on getting back to being physically disciplined as well.

For the last week and a half I’ve been trying to get back into the discipline of lifting weights. One thing I always say is that a bad habit is easy to get into and hard to get out of. A good habit is hard to get into and easy to get out of. And so I’m working hard on getting back into the habit of lifting. And it’s hard work…the getting into the habit part, not the weight lifting.

And so, for Lent, I want to get back into the habit. I want to improve my life both physically and spiritually.

And Lent is the perfect time for this. Lent means lengthening. It is the time period between Ash Wednesday and Easter. It is a time to focus on Christ and what he has done for us. It is a time to focus on his pain, suffering, and death for us. It is also a time to see the fact that he went through all of that so that we can be made whole and complete. Truly I am not treating my gift fairly if I don’t treat it with respect. This is a total gift that is given to me–salvation through his suffering, pain, and death. I must treat what I have been given with respect. And during Lent, I will focus on that. Focus on the price paid so that I can live free.

Many times people give up things for Lent. They give up “sinning.” That is, they try to give up vices and bad habits during this time. They try to give up something that might be distracting them from focusing on Christ. And so, I want to try to focus on Christ. And I want to do this by being disciplined once again both physically and spiritually.

What will you do for Lent. What will you do to focus on Christ. Instead of giving something up for 40 days, what will you instead do to be disciplined in focusing on Christ?

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4 Responses to Lenten Disciplines

  1. scotthiga says:

    Great post! Easter is all about our new life in Christ. Lent should be a time of pursuing disciplines that help is experience that new life

    • jbenton8 says:

      Thanks for your comment. One thing about Lent is our focus on Christ and pursuing him. Easter isn’t that far away. And we will celebrate the goodness of God.

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