Dig deeper

Let’s see: My wife was in a bad car accident and miraculously lived through it, I had walking pneumonia for a month then I broke my knee while hiking in the Bad Lands, and then they found a growth on my thyroid and had to have major surgery to have it removed. To top it off a bunch of other minor issues along the way. All of this in the span of a year and a half.

I had one elderly pastor tell me “Well, God won’t give more than you can bear.” My impetuous youthful response back “God must think I can handle a lot more than I do.”

Now, to be a strict Bible verse person here, the exact verse people usually refer to is from 1 Corinthians 10:13 “God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.” And even then we read that God will give us a way out in the end. Now, tempted, tested, give, they can be interchangeable here. But the important part is that God won’t let me go more than I can truly bear and even then he’ll help me through it…but I had to dig down deeper.

I thought I was at the bottom of what I could take. God knew I could take more than I did. So I dug down deeper.

I know someone who has gone through a terrible time and was lamenting to me on the phone on wondering just how much more they could take. My response “Dig deeper.”

Dig deeper and you’ll see what God can do.

Now, I’m saying this on the other side of it all. I’m saying this after I’ve lived through it and am still feeling the after effects of it in my life. Little shock waves of it still come forth. But I say it again “Dig Deeper.” Dig deeper and God will show you a way out.

Now here’s the thing about digging deeper. It involves a lot of waiting. It involves a lot of hurry up and waiting. And this isn’t fun. But when we have to wait, we shouldn’t just sit there like a lump on a log, waiting for God to show us the way out. No.

We should be serving while we’re waiting. Serving God while we’re waiting. Find a way to be involved with the church. Find a way to be involved with the community. But serve. When you serve first of all you won’t find yourself just sitting there. You’ll be moving. But continue moving. My grandpa used to tell me “Hard work is good for what ails ya.” And he is right to a point. Hard work serving God is good for you–heart, mind, soul and strength.

Where are you struggling at right now and waiting for God to act. Dig deeper. Dig deeper and serve. You’ll be amazed at what God can do.

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