There’s a longing. A longing for something more. A longing for something better. There’s a weeping. A weeping for the brokenness in the world. A brokenness that destroys, that peels back the layers of humanity and reveals the monster of sin within that so desperately thrashes to reveal its ugly head.

That sin, that monster, came forth and destroyed. It does so daily. That monster comes out when we least expect it to. It thrashes and claws within us, being held down by every ounce of strength we don’t have. It feels like we struggle to hold it, feeling so exhausted in the process. And there are times where it tragically comes and destroys. Destroys so wantonly. Destroys so horrifically.

And so we sit and weep. We who are in Christ know of a better place, a place where we will be with no more tears, no more fears, no more pain and no more death. A place of no more sin. We know we belong to another place. And so we weep. And we mourn.

Some of the last words of the Bible are “Come, Lord Jesus.” (Revelation 22:20)And this is our prayer. For we sit at the rivers of this life and weep and mourn for we know of a better place. We weep and mourn and cry out “Come, Lord Jesus, Come.” And Jesus tells us “I am coming soon.

And so we wait. We wait in the hope, joy, peace and love of Jesus Christ, that he is coming.

During this advent season, we weep but we also long. We long for his reappearing again. We long for his coming to make all things new once again. We celebrate his birth, more than that, God’s invasion of history into this world laced with the monster of sin. He invaded history, stormed the gates of Hell itself and came out the victor!

Thanks be to God, for we have the victory in the Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 15:57

We have the promise that all things will be made new again! That the monster of sin which resides in each of us will be destroyed! We will have victory!

We may weep now in the midst of tragedies in this world, but we will shout triumphantly when Christ comes again.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come. Fill this dry and weary land with your hope, peace, joy and love. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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