The prayers of a child

There’s something about the prayers of a child. They’re innocent and powerful. They are trusting and sure. They are real and honest. And since the day he found out that I was going to have surgery, my 7 year-old son has been praying for me. He prayed for me before I had the surgery and he’s still praying for me.

At our bedtime prayers, he prays for his classmates (sometimes all by name. That’s a class of 20 I think). He prays for those in the hospital. He prays for those who are hurt by earthquakes and those in countries hurting right now. He has some very powerful prayers at bedtime. And it makes me wonder how come my prayers aren’t as powerful as this 7 year-old’s.

We are to come to God through Christ with the faith of a child. A trusting faith. A sure faith. A faith that isn’t diminutive nor immature but a faith that knows what is asked for will be answered.

My son received a remote control car for his birthday. It broke the second day. And so he prayed that Mommy would be able to fix it (he’s learned will quick how inept I am at mechanical issues and fixing things). And when she wasn’t able to, he prayed to God thanking him that he was able to have the toy in the first place. An honest response to a “no” answer.

And I wonder about my faith. How sure is it in Christ? Can I truly come to him with the same faith as my son? Can I truly pray with assurance knowing full well that God will answer my prayers? Can I truly accept a “no” as an answer? It seems that my son can and does.

How can we have the faith of a child in prayer? How can we truly come before him in the way that my son has been. To be honest, I’m a bit jealous of his faith. It is a young faith but it is also a strong faith. A trusting faith. A sure faith. A faith that he’s been learning since he was born (I actually would take time “discussing” theology and the Heidelberg Catechism with him since he was a baby). And the promise we made at his baptism we are keeping. And it is showing. He is growing into his faith he was promised. He is growing into a man of God who (I pray each night) is able to be a disciple of Christ.

Each step of the way I try to pray like him. And each step of the way, he shows me how to pray.

How is your faith in your prayer life? How can you approach God with the faith of a child?

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