Resting up

So, here I am. Resting up now. Surgery went well last Thursday. And now I’m to rest. And it ain’t easy to rest, I’ll tell you that. Now Saturday and Sunday and part of Monday I rested. I mean like I was asleep for an hour or three at a time, got up, drank water made sure people knew I was still alive and well and then headed back to hit the hay. But come Monday afternoon, to be honest, I was bored. I couldn’t do anything really. I’m not allowed to do housework (uhm… yay!), I’m not allowed to lift anything over 10lbs. And I’m not allowed to push myself too hard.

And so I rest.

And honestly, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. To just do nothing. I know I’ve written about this before. And I’ll probably write about it again. Why? Because rest is an important part of self management. I’ve been finding this out more and more. And I mean actual rest. Not taking the day off you’ve been given and doing housework and chores (though those are important) I mean actual rest. I don’t mean vegging out in front of the TV, legs up in the Lazy-boy recliner. I mean actual rest. A rest the refreshes, renews, reinvigorates you to no end.

Resting for me allows for healing to happen. If I don’t rest, my body can’t take the energy it needs to heal up. That’s how it is for us physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we don’t rest, we don’t heal up, we don’t recharge, and our batteries get low and we get all grumpy and stuff.

I can wax on theologically about this and I probably will later on in another post. But for now, I’ll say this: It’s a lot of work resting.

And so I rest.

I’m thankful surgery went well. I’m thankful for surgeons who have been given the skills to be able to do a surgery as delicate as this. I’m thankful for nurses who were gracious to me and attended me while in the hospital. I’m grateful for a wife who is working hard right now, being pretty much a single mom in some ways while I recuperate. And I’ll need to make sure she gets her rest too.

This is what I’m being taught now as I heal up. What about you? How do you get your rest? How do you need your rest to heal up or to recharge, renew, reinvigorate yourself? Rest up, my friends, rest up.

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