Two more sleeps

The countdown has begun. Well, the countdown already began last week when I was given the time I’m to arrive at the hospital. I’m to arrive at Sanford Surgical Tower at 5am Thursday (10/11) morning. 5 am. Dude. That’s early. I’ll have a 7am surgery. I didn’t ask how long the surgery will take. I really don’t want to know just how long I’ll be out for. As it is, I’m a bit worried about going under. I know all I have to do is blink and it’ll be done. But still, there’s something a bit scary about it.

One thing that has impressed me has been how supportive my son has been during this time. He’s only 7 and he’s been praying for me as soon as he heard about the surgery. He prays for me every night. He asks me how I’m doing. He truly wants to know, too. It strikes me, the faith of a child to pray for me. Wow. It’s amazing.

So, I wait. I wait and wonder. We will be heading up to Sioux Falls on Wednesday night. We’ll stay the night there and then head bright and early (or more like dark and early now) to the surgical tower place. I’m told they have valet parking. That’s at least nice of them.

And of course now I’m rambling. Thank you all for your prayers as I go in to have surgery on my thyroid. They are all greatly appreciated.

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