A thank you

I’ve been reading and rereading my previous blog posts. It makes me wonder if I brought too much drama into my own sphere of people. It makes me wonder if I scared myself and worried others for no good reason. It makes me wonder if I was pushing for attention.

I’ve had so many well wishers and prayers from my Facebook friends. I’ve gotten many prayers, well wishes and encouraging words from my friends, family and church family out this way. I’ve had many supporters this last week. And I know I’ll be having even more supporters in the coming month or so.

So I wait and wonder. And am very thankful and grateful for friends on Facebook, some I’ve known for over 10+ years, some I’ve only known for a few, praying for me, encouraging me, telling me their own stories.

So to all, I say thank you for your prayers and encouraging words. I plan on keeping all up to date via blogging. Hopefully.

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