Fire Heart

So, the question I have is how does one rekindle the fire in the heart that is needed. I mean, it’s hard to get it back sometimes. I had a fire in my heart for lifting weights. And since I had to cancel my gym membership, I haven’t had that same passion I once did. One of the reasons why I haven’t written as much on lifting like I used to. I have a weight bench at home but I just don’t use it as much. I just don’t have the same motivation. Of course, my knee doesn’t help with that. Though I’ve learned I can put on a knee brace and that helps.

I enjoy using my heavy bag too. I learned that I can use my knee brace for that as well. Yet I don’t use it that much. Especially since I came back from vacation. Why? The passion still isn’t there any more. Where you put your energy into, there your heart burns. And there doesn’t seem to be a fire there anymore. Which saddens me.

Where is the fire? What happened to it? I used to have a strong passion for lifting, for being healthy. Now I’m just happy if I maintain my weight. I lost a ton of weight, gained it back, lost it again and then gained some more back. I’ve begun to yo-yo even though I’m not doing fad diets.

One thing I haven’t lost is my passion for Christ. That is still in me. That fire still burns bright, the flame higher than ever.

I was yesterday on the two dudes who were on their way to a town called Emmaus. It was the first Easter. Jesus had died upon the cross just a few days earlier and these two dudes are totally bummed. The fire is gone in them. They were excited about Jesus. They were excited about what he was doing. And then he died. And they lost the fire. But they meet him along the road to this town called Emmaus. They meet with him and talk with him. They don’t realize it’s him. I mean, they thought the dude dead.

But once they realized it was Jesus, they said to each other “Weren’t our hearts burning when he opened scripture to us?”

The one thing that fans the flames of passion for me is the Bible. It is reading God’s word. It’s studying it. I guess that’s why I’m a pastor. I love reading God’s word. That is a passion I pray never leaves me.

But even then, I’ve had seasons in my life where I’ve struggled with that as well. I’ve had seasons where my passion for scripture has disappeared. But still I read it. Still I devoted myself to it. And so that’s what I’m doing with my PT. I’m doing it even when I have no heart for it. It’s good for me. It’s what I need.

What about you? Where is the fire low or getting snuffed out. Let’s see what happens if you try to still fan the flames. Still keep at it when the heart isn’t in it. I’m starting to wonder if amazing things will happen when we do.

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