No is an answer

There are times when people tell me that they are thankful for unanswered prayers. That if they had their answer then their life would have been different. But the thing is, is that there is no such thing as an unanswered prayer.

God hears our prayers and he answers them. Sometimes he tells us “yes”. Other times he tells us “wait”. And still other times he tells us “no”. The problem with the last two is that as human beings it’s hard to deal with. It’s hard to not get a “yes”. We’d rather get the yes than the wait or the no. The thing is, is that we generally get “wait” or “no” as an answer. We know that God knows what we need before we ask it. We know that he gives us what our heart desires. But here’s the thing, he knows what we truly need. He knows what our true heart’s desire is before we know what it is.

Recently, the executive director of the CRC, Joel Boot asked CRC’s in the US and Canada to pray for rain. And so we have. Here in South Dakota, we’ve been praying fervently for rain. We need it. We need it for our crops. We need it for our livelihood. It is part of our very being out here. We in South Dakota are connected to the earth in ways that others in the nation may not understand. And we pray for rain.

But sometimes no is an answer. I don’t know why we haven’t had a huge downpour. Last night it thundered and lightninged something fierce and then the sweet golden drops of rain descended upon us in a glorious drip drop of joy. But it wasn’t enough for our dry crops. It rained. Yes, it did. And we can say with assurance that our prayers have been answered.

But there is something deeper that is needed here. A deep need to trust in God. Is that what we are to learn during this time? A deep trust in God that even in times of lean years and drought we are to trust in him. We dance in the rain as much as we sit in the soil of drought. The ground is dry. Even after the rain last night, the puddle at the end of my driveway is already drying up. It’s humid and hot. Is there more that we need to pray for? Is there more here than just a drought?

In this time of little to no rain, we are to praise God that he is our God. In good times and bad, we praise him. The times might change, but His praise goes on forever.

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