Hiatus Apology

I must apologize. I haven’t blogged for a few weeks now. I’ve been struggling with a combination of writer’s block and guilt. Jon Acuff of the blog Stuff Christians Like once wrote that in order to have a good blog you must be awesome each time. He also pointed out that in writing a blog you need to be focused in one area. Otherwise, a blog begins to wilt.

I’ll be honest, I’ve lost focus. My idea behind this blog was to write about being healthy–emotionally, physically and spiritually. I’ve written much on being emotionally and spiritually healthy. This is highly important to me. But I’ve also skirted the issue of being physically healthy. To this, I feel I have failed. When I first started writing this blog, I was at a very healthy (for me at the time) weight and exercising daily. I was in the zone.

Then we moved to a place where the cooking is amazing and the work not as active. I stopped being as active as I once was. I got a membership to a gym and got back on track. Life was good. And then life situations happened and I gained weight back. But then I joined Weight Watchers (for men) and lost a ton of weight. Once again, things were great. I was doing it. I was again back on track. I was overjoyed!

Then one thing after another struck. A bad ear infection slowed me down. Then a bad cold and walking pneumonia hit hard. And then I broke my knee. I began to bemoan my circumstances. This is when I started focusing more on spiritual and emotional health rather than physical health.

And then I struggled with event that. My posts began to become fewer and far between. Part of the issue was time. I was (and still am) making a “to-not-to-do” list of things. I wanted to trim down my time so that I could spend more time with family. The thing is, is that I miss blogging. I love it. It’s an outlet for me. But I wasn’t using it as much as I had been.

And so, I broke Spiritual Musclehead. I wanted to write a blog about being devoted body and soul to my savior and what that meant. And instead, I felt like I was becoming a hypocrite and not sticking to what I was writing. I needed to live what I wrote and I felt that I wasn’t.

So now, I stand, seeking forgiveness for not sticking to what I originally intended this blog to be. I pray that I can get back on track myself health wise physically and continue to grow spiritually and be healthy emotionally.

But by the grace of God go I.


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