Be the bear

To me, Winnie the Pooh is the ultimate example of not letting things get to you. He always sees the bright side of things. He always sees the positives. His only worries are how he might get honey away from bees and keep his stuffing inside.

He’s not like the other ones. Tigger and Eeyore are direct opposites. Tigger is why to hyper, ADHD at its worst while Eeyore is not so depressed as he has more just lowered his standards. Where Tigger is high energy and expects so much of people to be there for him, Eeyore just mopes and has lowered what he wants from people.

Rabbit on the other hand is a combination of the ultimate Calvinist and the worrier. He has to be constantly working and working hard. And if he isn’t, well, then something’s going to go wrong.Piglet is afraid and frets over everything. The epitome of anxiety. Gopher is a bit self-centered, I mean more than Tigger. He feels others should get out of his way while he’s working and do as he wants them to do in regards to his holes. Owl on the other hand is the know it all, always a bit puffy, a bit pretentious and pedantic.

But Pooh, well that silly ol’ bear is just oblivious. Where they fret, worry, mope, bounce, work, Pooh Bear just is. He exists and nothing seems to bother him. Well, not having honey elicits the saying “Oh Bother.” But even then he becomes proactive and makes himself into a little rain cloud and sings the bees to sleep.

So, I say be the bear. Take the step back and see things as Pooh would (WWPBD–What would Pooh Bear do?…forgive the sputten). But don’t be oblivious as he seems to be. Pooh is smart, an evil genius at times yet he uses his powers for good. He brings out the positive, he’s the comforter to Piglet, the counter to Rabbit, the one who tames Tigger and cheers up Eeyore. He even is able to work with Gopher and Owl.

One of the things I’ve been learning about emotional health is to not be so emotionally involved. That is, take that step back like Pooh does, see things from a different perspective and then not let it bother you (unless you run out of honey).

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