Back in the joint

Well, I’m kinda outta commission again. I think I pushed too hard, too long, too fast and now my knee’s a painin once again. At least so far I’m not to be on crutches but I have used my cane once or twice around the home. It was then that I gave in and called the doctor to get my knee looked at once again.

I was told no boxing and no weight lifting that involves my knees. Well, there goes half the stuff I love to do. These have been my two favorite stress relievers and ways to recharge since I was seminary and high school (respectively because I wasn’t in seminary while in high school, that’d be weird). I can’t box with my heavy bag because, well, it’s that constant shifting back and forth on my feet. And even though leg exercises such as leg extensions and leg curls would work on the quads and help rebuild that muscle to stabilize the knee, it ain’t gonna happen until I get permission from a physical therapist.

So  now I’m back to where I once was…right? Well… doctor said that riding my bike was good for me, even if it was a beaten up old one I bought for a dollar at an auction this last summer. And also I can weight lift with my upper body (just as long as I keen an eye out on my knees).

After I broke my knee, I tried hard to stay on my diet, to stay on track and to eat well. It was hard. The walking pneumonia was tough. So was the ear infection. But this took the cake. It took me out of commission. And I gained weight back that I had lost and I had loss muscle that I had gained.

And so now, for the last two weeks, I’ve been actually doing it. I’ve been riding my beaten up bike a good couple days a week. I’ve been doing some upper body weight strengthening. And I’m trying hard to not use my knee.

In other words, I’m doing what I can to adapt.

I think so many times we look at the negative of things. We look at how things are bad and how things can only get worse. And to tell the truth, I did that. Heck, I still do that. But I’m also learning the importance to adapt. To adapt and to move forward. And this is hard but I’m starting to learn that as I adapt, I also learn. And as I learn, I learn more how to adapt.

More so though, I learn God’s leading and strength in all of this. I’ve learned that when I am weak, then he is strong. I’ve learned that what I have been given is what I need. It is just the right amount.

Jesus says

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

So, when I am weak, then he is strong. When I can’t do it, I know he’ll provide a way for me to do something and in the end that something will show how strong he truly is.

And so, I adapt and I see his strength in my weakness. I see that in so many other places now as well. It’s always amazing how one area affects another. And so I adapt in other areas, trusting in his strength and not my own. For when I am weak, then he is strong.

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