How’d I do that?

I’m just a bit bemusaled right now (and yes, I know that’s not a real word but considering the circumstances, I think it works quite well). I started up on Weight Watchers once again last week and I lost 4lbs. I know that you’re supposed to expect to loose 1-2lbs a weeks. This is a healthy weight loss rate. But it’s also how I lost those 4lbs that is making me bemusaled (see, it fits). I didn’t do a good job at things. I even had one day where I had 104 points used. Last week I had a total of 69 daily points available to me. I’m tall. I’m big. I got fat(er). And so I’m given a bunch of points. And I get 49 wiggle room points. And somehow I managed to eat 104 points. It dipped into my 29 activity points!! (which, by the way, even counts for walking around Wal-Mart for 45 minutes….walking under 20 mph counts as activity…shopping is exercise).

And still I lost 4lbs. 4.2lbs to be exact. I even lost a daily point too.

Did I just get rewarded for doing something stupid? Or was it that I replaced the battery on my scale (which, by the way, I think is a Cylon in disquise. Ask Tom at about Cylons). I’d like to think that even though I did a poor job at times last week, I still ate better than I normally used to.

And so, I’m back on track for health. I’ve been exercising almost every day and I’ve been watching my points.

Okay. Let’s do this. I’m heading back to healthy awesome once again. I can do this.

But by the grace of God loose I…er..I mean loose weight that is.

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