A buffalo prayer walk

20120302-095527.jpgI had a buffalo follow me. Not just one. Not just two. But four buffalo follow me earlier this morning. I’m at the begining of a small prayer retreat at Buffalo Ridge. Gorgeaous and amazing (I’m on my iPhone right now so please forgive grammatical and spelling errors).

I went on a small prayer walk this morning around 6:30. I thought that they’d be asleep. They weren’t. There’s a trail that goes around the buffalo enclosure. And As I walked it, they followed. They insisted that this place belonged to them. And by insisted I mean charging the fence insisted. One lady buffalo (pretty sure it’s a she) kept coming at me. She followoed me where ever I went. And then when she decided she didn’t like me all to much, she’d charge the fence.

I tried having a decent conversation with her, but bringing up the ’94 Bills Superbowl loss seemed to be a sore spot for her.

This place belonged to her and I was merely walking through it.

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