Pic-ing where I left off

Sometime back, I wrote about how I’d been trying to play the guitar a bit more. I had walking pneumonia and my other ways of dealing with stress and rest and relaxation were unavailable to me. I couldn’t box, I couldn’t lift weights, I could barley walk without being out of breathe. And so I once again picked up guitar.

It was helpful. It helped me to use a different part of my brain. Not sure if I was in my left brain or just not in the right mind. But what it did do was help me with being able to rest, refresh and renew. But then once again things began to become overwhelming. I put it back down and just didn’t really pick it back up again.

Now, I know I’d mentioned that I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. And I don’t. But I did place a goal ahead of me. It was to learn guitar. And I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed a teacher, I needed my own Obi-Wan Kenobi or Mickey from Rocky. I needed someone who could help me know what I need to do and what I need to adjust.

First thing I learned was that my old beaten up guitar was in worse shape than I thought. No wonder I had problems playing it. And so the people at Palulson’s Music graciously did a McGyver repair to it and it sounds wonderful now. It rings new life into my heart when I strum it.

And so now, I use the practice time to take breaks form  my work. It helps me with changing gears a bit so I can get back and once again focus on what needs to be done. It allows me to think differently while other things sit on the back burner and just bubble a little bit while I’m doing something else.

And now, I also have a goal I’m working towards. I want to play praise and worship songs and I also want to play some of the older hymns I’ve learned over the years. I was amazed at how many older hymns can now be found with chords. Total sweetness.

This has been giving me the refreshment and recharging that I need right now. And I’m loving it.

What has been helpful for you in recharging, refreshing and renewing?

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