The magic number

Right away people are going to tell me that there’s no magic number when it comes to weight loss. They’ll say that it’s how we feel healthy and how we are able to be at a good place with our bodies. That all the BMI indexes are for skinny people not for those who have different body shapes or muscle etc. And I understand that but to tell the truth (and sorry if I offend) but that’s a bunch of snoot poop. There is a magic number of weight loss. A magic number about what weight we should be.

Now, I’m going to back track just a bit. A guy like me with my frame (built like a linebacker but with the talent of one from the Vikings) shouldn’t be 200lbs. (I think my skeleton alone weighs that much) That’s just not heard of. But I should at least have 20% body fat. That’s a good thing. That’s a good number. That’s a good magic number for me.

Why is a magic number important to me? Because it’s a goal. It’s a goal that I work towards and feel victorious when I hit it. It also inspires me to push forward to my next goal. When I weighed over 400lbs (I say over because they couldn’t way me past that, the scale only went so high) my goal was to get under 400. Then I started walking. A mile a day. That was all I could do. And I slowly lost weight. My goal because to be able to register being weight at one of those in store weighing/blood pressure thingys. I hit that goal and shouted for joy in the middle of the store.

And so that spurred me on. And then I hit 35olbs. I was ecstatic. It took me two years but I did it! So I kept at it. Each time I weighed myself and saw that the number decreased the harder I exercised and watched what I ate and the more fueled I was to keep loosing.

And then I started to really drop. I mean fast. And I started to build up muscle. I was starting to have my very own gun show. I was breathing better. I was feeling better. It was great. And then, then I was roughly 9lbs from my ulitmate goal weight–being under 300lbs.

And then I hit a wall.

I gained back 30lbs. Ouch. And so I got back at it and began dropping it again. And I hit a small goal weight and was estatic again. And then my wife was in a bad car accident and I started emotionally eating again and gained weight back.

In July I started on weight watchers and lost 30lbs and was 5lbs away from my goal weight. And then more stuff happened and I gained back weight. Only 20lbs this time, but still that’s hard.

And so, I once again pursue that magic number. Why? Because it fuels me to keep at it. I set my own little magic numbers each along the way. And then each time I hit the smaller ones it makes me even more pumped to hit the larger one.

I have my magic number. What’s yours?

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