The day after yesterday

Well, it’s been a day after my time of fasting and prayer ended. There’s a peace right now that is with me. I still have somethings that are with me and I’m still praying through, but all in all there’s a peace.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve learned more about myself than anything else. What I find interesting is that I sorta put it into practice and I sorta didn’t. This morning I went to our monthly pastors meeting. We had donuts (you have to have donuts for a pastors meeting). And I had 2 1/2 donuts. Not good. I think part of it was that I hadn’t had sweets for more than a week and I just went a bit too much. But then we had lunch. It was way good. I took even portions and then, get this, I didn’t go back for seconds! Seriously! I mean, it was way delicious and I sooooo wanted to have more but I also knew that I was planning on going to Pizza Ranch with the kiddos tonight and so wanted to make sure I didn’t eat too much before hand.

If anything at all, God has taught me a lot about myself. The time of fasting and prayer really helped me see who I am in Christ and ways to follow him that are even simpler but harder than I ever thought.

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