Well, this is awkward

This really is awkward. I’m all gun ho about fasting and praying. I truly feel God calling me to fast and pray and lift up the church, to lift up God’s people in my prayers and to also lift up my family. And so I made a bold statement. And the first day I did great. But by the end of the second day, I was getting light headed and dizzy. That’s not a good thing. So I did eat a bit. And I felt guilty. I want to do this. And then this morning, I decided to weight myself just in case. I had lost 5lbs since Wednesday. That isn’t good.

I spoke with an older pastor I know this morning. He told me that when he goes through times of fasting and prayer, he eats soup (specifically Cambels Chicken Noodle because it hardly has any chicken or noodle) to give him the nutrition that he needed. So I’m going to try that. I’m still going to fast and to pray.

I also said I was going to do this for 21 days. Now I think I’m going to do it for a week. Why? Because I’m jumping way to fast into this thing. Faster than I should have. I tell people that when they get into lifting weights, enter into it gently. And this is what I need to do as well. I started in with a great big idea of what I could do.

Now I need to back off and pray and fast and realize what God can do. So, I’m shortening it down to a week. I’m going to allow myself to listen to my body and more importantly listen to God, listen to the Holy Spirit and follow his guidance.

I feel a bit sheepish, I feel a bit stupid, I feel a bit guilty. So I will keep on praying and fasting but not as big. I’ve never really done this before. And it’s harder than I thought.

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