Stupid Bold Obedience

In our church’s Ladies Aide fellowship group, we’ve been going through the Bold Series from Life Church. It’s been a great and challenging series that has been encouraging me in my faith and also the women in the group. That and there’s something just great about Craig Groschel’s preaching style.

Now here’s the problem: I was convicted this afternoon. Not like arrested or put in jail convicted but convicted as in the Holy Spirit moved in me to do something that I needed to do. And of course, the name of the message for the Bold Series was Bold Obedience. Great. And what was this conviction? That I needed to fast and pray for the church and my family. Frak. Especially since I’m making one of my favorite meals tonight for supper. I have this great recipe I use for a long prep French toast. I’ve been looking forward to it for days while the bread’s gotten stale. I’ve prepped it since last night and got everthing ready for it this morning.

And then I felt convicted to start fasting and praying right away. But I want this meal. I love this meal. I’ve been looking forward to this meal. So, what do I do?

One of the things that was stated in Bold Obedience is that delayed obedience is disobedience.

So, I’m going to try this. For 21 days I’m going to fast and pray for my church and for my family. Pray that I can make it through. Pray that I’m gong to see what God is wanting from me. And I ask, if you’re feeling called to this as well, please join me. Leave a comment underneath saying you will.

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