Lost and Found

Back last year around this time, I started having a number of posts about my poor pickup. It was a sweet 1980 Ford F150 custom pickup. It was sweet! But it was also causing some problems for me. It was breaking down, it was having problems, it was becoming frustrating. I treated it the best I could. I gave it as much love and attention as I could. But I just couldn’t give it what it needed.

And then in August of 2011 it gave up the ghost. It died on me. I had been doing my best to keep up on the fluids and the basic maintenance the best I could but to no avail. And so, when it died on me in August, I had it towed away. And I began my search for a new car. I wanted another pickup but nothing would do. I instead bought a nice used 2008 Dodge Avenger. It is a great car. I love it. But it’s still not my old pickup.

My kids and I drove around in it. We opened up the windows and let the air whip around us. He drove through the back country roads and enjoyed seeing the corn grow and hearing the birds sing. And then it died.

And then I witnessed a miracle. On our way home from Sioux Falls, on the side of the road, was my pickup. I was shocked. I was in disbelief. Yet it was there. Cold it really be? I got out of the car and looked it over. It was! It was my pickup. And then I looked at the back window of my old pickup. Whomever bought it had fixed it up. They posted a long list of things they had done to repair it. But it brought it back to life.

My pickup is no longer with me. I know it is in a better place. I know that it is restored.

I also know I have that promise as well. I know that one day I too will fall apart and die. I too will give up the ghost and slip away from the sullied sands of earth and touch the face of God. And I know that one day, I will be with my family who’ve passed, my loved ones and friends who’ve gone before me, standing before the throne of God singing praises.

Thank you, my pickup, for reminding me of that. Enjoy your new life.

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