Awwww sleep

I got to sleep in this morning. I mean like intentionaly sleeping in. Not the whole “Snot! I overslept and am late for work!” sleeping in. I mean the I have nothing to do and no where to go today sleeping in. And you know what? Sweetness!

I think I got myself caught up in sleep from not only the trip out here to the Chicagoland area but also the busyness of the Advent Christmas is coming these last few weeks. And it was so nice.

Rest is so good for the body and for the heart and for the soul. Rest is even a direct order from God Himself.

After creating, well all of creation, He rested. And He commanded His people to do the same. It isn’t a cruel command. In fact it is a loving command. The command a loving parent gives to a cranky toddler to take a nap. If it wasn’t for God telling to take a break and rest then we’d never do it.

But resting is more than just that. Resting is also a time ti trust in God and His provision for us. Now that I’m on vacation, I must trust that all will be okay back home. I must trust that God is in controll with what He has blessed me with and let them be. And that is hard to do. But it is needed.

Since before Thanksgiving we’ve all been busier than a one armed paper hanger (an old pastor of mine used to say that all the time. Not sure that it makes sense but it sounds cool). Christmas is done. So many of us have raced past Christmas without understanding the promise of eternal rest we have in Christ.

So take time this week and rest. Make a to not to do list this week. Find time to do nothing. But take a brake. Take a rest. Enjoy some time with Jesus just being with Him. All is okay with the workd today if you took a break and sat down at His feet and spent time with Him.

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