No more McD’s please

Why do my kids like Happy Meals? Is it because of the chicken nuggets? Or is it the toy? I’m thinking it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. what bugs me is that while on road trips that’s all they want.

Now it used to be that I was getting tired of always eating from the drive through at McDonald’s. This was mainly due to the fact that if I wanted to eat healthy, I had to get the grilled chicken sandwiches with an extra topping of bland and a side of boring.

And then I went on Weight Watchers (for men…and I really miss it too right now). I found out a totally awesome secret–the Big Mac was fewer points than the bland chicken sandwiches.

Yes! Score. And the Quarter Pounder was the same! And I could also get a small french frieds for little points too.

The only problem is that no one told McD’s of this awesome secret. I found this out when I ordered a #1 and asked to have it downsized. The drive through speaker was silent. It had to ask the manager. They decided that the only way they could do so was to sell it all to me separately. The total was over a buck more. My question to them was that if I had to pay more for an upsize why couldn’t I pay less to have it downsized.

I think I broke the speaker.

I went with the regular meal size fries. I tried asking the same request at other McDonald’s. Same reaction.

So now I’ve started to learn how to eat better at McD’s. Though I’m no longer on Weight Watchers (for men) I’ve learned a lot. I’m hopping I can still take what I learned and keep applying it.

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