Chili con Awesome

Back in November while I was on crutches, a wonderful lady from church dropped off some chili. It was her own recipe she said. Her husband loved it. In fact he told me that before he had his wife’s chili he never realized how horrible other chili truly is (okay, that’s a paraphrase with some artistic license). After I scarfed up the first bowl, I had another. And soon I was sad it was gone.

A bit later, I told her just how wonderful her chili was. I asked her if I could have the recipe to make it later on down the road. It was a wonderful dish for the cold weather. Not only did she give me the recipe, but she dropped off the ingredients. One of which was tomatoes that she caned herself this summer. Dude. How awesome is that.

And so I made it. And was blown away. I didn’t know I could make such amazing food in a crock pot. I quickly split the chili in half, freezing a quarter of it and placing another quarter in the fridge. And then enjoyed the awesome. I was very happy that my kids didn’t want any and a bit frustrated that my wife did.

But I couldn’t keep the awesome away from her. She had to try it. She loved it.

And so, last night, I did the prep work to get it going so it can cook all day today. I’m even thinking of making some cornbread. My kids can have BP&J if they don’t like it.

I even broke down the ingredients into the dietary values. A lot of fiber, fresh fruit (tomato is biologically a fruit but legally a vegetable) and some meat and veggies. If you get the right ingredients, it’s even low in sodium. Something this awesome is also good for you. Now, of course, it needs to be done in the right serving sizes and I’ll also have to break down the dietaryness of the cornbread. But still.Yum. Healthy yum.

I am waiting for supper tonight, that’s for sure.

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